Order in the forum

Eduardo Pontaoe
9 August 2009

Mr. Delfin,

It’s Ermin Garcia, Jr.’s call if he so desires this Forum should be reckoned with.

Some posters – the ones out to lunch – are running undomesticated like wild horses in the open prairie, without direction mismanaged randomly in complete disregard of the Forum’s intent.

You and I, and the rest of us, the regulars, are well aware the success of this Forum rest in the undying belief, the Punch will do what’s necessary, to separate the one-liners or two like birthday greetings, condolences, congratulatory notes . . . from well-crafted write-ups.

We demand the Sunday Punch, the venue of submission is changed ASAP. Without full name the legitimacy of just . . . E-mail addresses . . . is not enough. It should be modified once and for all.

Lastly, e-mail addresses with pseudo-names . . . aliases . . . will not be admitted.

It’s time to put the Forum house in order.

What’s good for the Forum, is good for all of us!

(Administrator:  Editor Ermin’s reaction to the issue can be read at Editor’s Notes)

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