First legacy for Lim administration?

By Ermin Garcia Jr.

THE opening of the spanking transport terminal on De Venecia Highway will go a long way at decongesting worsening vehicular traffic in Dagupan City.

That the heavy vehicular congestion is going to happen is a no brainer. Every year, more families will be buying new cars and vans thanks to improved economy in Pangasinan in addition to more people needing to commute to the city. Without a doubt, Dagupan’s enviable economic position as a major trading hub in the region will draw the visitors and consumers to the city.

Translation: Without wider and additional access in and around the city, expect congestion to reach crisis level this year.

The De Venecia Highway presents the best alternative because of still small business and residential population in the area.

The Lim administration would be well-advised to send notices at this time to the bus stations operating terminals in the city to start transferring their facilities before the Christmas rush begins.

The last thing that the Lim administration wants is to be blamed for continued worsening congestion when an alternative is available.

*           *           *           *           *

OBSTRUCTING FREE FLOW. If the instant clearing of the once impassable Galvan St. in Dagupan City by the Lim administration is an indication of better things to come, then that message is clear enough and surely raised expectations of residents.

Will clearing sidewalks of vendors and illegal extensions of store operations be next?

Then, there is still a need to review and change traffic routes in the city’s main commercial districts. There is a need to remove obstructions to ensure free flow of traffic.  For instance:

1) The flow of westbound traffic along A.B. Fernandez before Rizal St. intersection hold vehicles as far back as the Quintos Bridge when the traffic light turns red to allow vehicles from Rizal St. to enter A.B. Fernandez Ave.

2) The one-way routing on narrow Herrero St. to Perez Blvd intersection keeps vehicles on hold that stretches back to more than 100 meters once the traffic light turns red to allow vehicles from Perez Boulevard turn to M.H. Del Pilar.

Both traffic issues can be resolved by allowing vehicles move freely on a circular route:

Establish a reverse (counterflow) use of lanes on Rizal St.  (From AB. Fernandez, vehicles should be able to turn left on Rizal St. while vehicles from Perez Blvd and Rivera St. can turn left freely unobstructed).

Perez Blvd should already be a one-way street eastbound while A.B. Fernandez Ave. is presently one-way westbound. (Herrero St. should be one-way towards AB Fernandez) . This way, vehicles from Perez Blvd can turn left to Herrero St. and M.H. Del Pilar St. unobstructed). (Note: The transfer of bus terminals to Dagupan Transport Terminal is assumed in this recommendation).   

*           *           *           *           *

BENEFICIAL ROUTING. The net effect: continuous flow of vehicular traffic on streets connecting to both AB Fernandez Ave. and Perez Blvd. will benefit motorists and improves travel time.  

The one-way policy will also allow parking on both sides for the benefit of both storeowners, car owners.  But traffic rules for parking should already be adopted, particularly for tricycles.

The traffic experiments made in the Makati Commercial District and Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, maximizing adoption of one-way routes, proved effective and improved travel time that proved beneficial to both business establishments and shoppers.

Improved traffic flow and effectively decongesting traffic can be the first and early legacy for the Lim administration.

*           *           *           *           *

TREASONOUS.  At the national scene, I can’t fathom to what extent the destabilizers of government are prepared to go just to discredit and out President Duterte.

The destabilizers, led by LPs and some catholic bishops, are unabashedly telling the world that our country is open for meddling and interference by other governments in our country’s domestic affairs.  A credible opposition/fiscalizer would at least resist foreign interference but the destabilizers could hardly care. 

Have our elected national leaders and bishops turned mercenaries for political power?

They are a shameless lot bordering on being treasonous.   

*           *           *           *           *

It’s one thing to promote and protect women’s legitimate rights as well as those of children.

However, it’s an entirely different thing when women caught violating laws are given more protection than men.

I overheard that our police have adopted a policy not to divulge names of women caught in illegal drug trade. I find no justification for keeping their identities as charged because they commit crimes that draws no line among their victims – young or old, male or female.

The right of the public to know how they should be protected and from whom is primordial.  A female drug pusher is as dangerous as the male drug pusher.

Protecting female crime offenders is counterproductive to efforts to win the war on drugs. It’s bad enough that drug syndicates now use minors as couriers because the law says they can’t be arrested, why protect women criminals who victimize children?

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