Playing with Fire

Bong Go and Mocha on the upswing

By Gonzalo Duque

AS we had anticipated, our good friend Christopher Lawrence Go, or Bong Go for short, will soar to the top of the totem pole among all the senatoriables come May 13 elections as he already did in the latest SWS survey result.

Remember, he was previously number 5-6 in the winning circle for senators, according to the SWS survey. Now, he is no. 3, dislodging many previous front liners from the top.

The main reason for his unprecedented surge is because Bong Go was personally endorsed by the President. Wherever he goes in this campaign, Bong Go carries the persona of a very popular president who did a lot for the nation in so short a time since he took over the reins of the government.

PDU30’s continues to maintain his popularity to the whole nation because of his strong political will that brought so many accomplishments with big impact to the whole nation.

Remember, he defied the odds by closing Boracay for months to give the government enough elbow room to clean and rehabilitate the island paradise, putting tourism in this country upfront  

Indeed, what came out was a new and rehabilitated Boracay that further increased its magnet to domestic and foreign tourists.

Then came the rehabilitation of the polluted Manila Bay which he is doggedly doing,  by again marshaling the various forces of   government to remove the filth that had piled up  there for many decades.

 The people love Duterte because of his accomplishments unmatched by his many predecessors.

 Remember what the great thinker Nicolo Michiavelli has said “what is more important is what the people see in their eyes”.

They are now seeing this under the firm leadership of Duterte.

With this, I believe that whoever  the President will endorse, will make it to the top. Like our good friend, Bong Go.

*                *                *                *

Another friend who I believe could make it in the coming election is Mocha Uson, former PCOO Assistant Secretary, who is now running for congress under the umbrella of Kasosyo party list after getting the blessing of President Duterte.

I must confess I was one among those who advised the daughter of our late good friend Judge Gary Uson to run for congress under the party list system instead of pursuing her grand plan then to run for the senate.

This is because we believe the race to the senate is too crowded and it may not have a room for her. She must have followed my advice, that is why she is now coming to us for help.

But fortunately for her, between the Kasosyo and her Tatay Digong campaigning for her, she will likely succeed soon to land a seat at the House of Representatives.

“Kasosyo” only needs 150,000 votes out of the expected more than a million voters in Pangasinan to be in the winning circle.

I have no doubt her group definitely has a good chance of capturing more than one seat in Congress knowing Mocha Uson’s popular blog on social media that now accounts millions of followers throughout the country and overseas.

 Bong Go and Mocha, good luck!

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