Playing with Fire

DU30 has the last say

By Gonzalo Duque

THE reported clearance made by the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) on some politicians in Region 1, among them First District Congressman Boying Celeste is not only misleading but a downright lie.

Many of us know that the RPOC has no authority whatsoever to clear persons included in the list of the president as narco-politicians. Only the President can clear these persons if they are recommended by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, Philippine National Police and the Armed Force of the Philippines.

Congressman Boying and Mayors Reynaldo Flores of Naguilian and Eulogio Clarence Martin de Guzman III of Bauang, La Union, we were informed, are still being investigated by these agencies.

What I know is that RPOC only recom-mended the names of the three to be removed from the list of narco-politicians which is not an automatic clearance for whatever wrong they had done if any.

It was the RPOC Revalidation Committee which recommended the removal of the names of the three from the list based on its findings that they were not involved in illegal drugs.

They are not yet of off-the-hook because the findings of the RPOC will have yet to be validated by other agencies of the government which I think will take time and go through many processes.

The question is, they may now be celebrating that they are now out of the grave just by the alleged recommendation of the RPOC.   

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As I’ve said before, Bong Go has, according to SWS survey, landed in number five among the senatorial candidates. He might further improve to No. 4 because Sec. Harry Roque has withdrawn his bid due to some physical ailments.

So, from No. 5, he is now No. 4 and if you look at how President Duterte has endorsed him, to the dismay of other administration candidates, as if it is President Duterte who is running for senator in the person of Bong Go.

 If we talk about the local middle election, there is nothing more for Bong Go to go but up. 

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