Playing with Fire

The achievements and accomplishments of VMBrian Lim

By Gonzalo Duque

WE offer sincere condolences to the family of the late lawyer Hermogenes Decano,former Dean of the University of Pangasinan College of Law, for his passing recently.

                  He was not only a successful law practitioner but a doting and proud husband of RTC Judge Alicia Decano and father of bright and exemplary children led by lawyer and former city councilor Farah Decano, now City Administrator of MayorBelen Fernandez.

                  We will miss his jocund company.

                  We used to have coffee together at Pedritos, also the favorite hangout of the late Mayor Alipio Fernandez, Jr.

                  Nakaka nerbyos ito mga igan! We are now often using the affix “late” to our well-loved friends.

                  May Kuya Genes rest in peace.

*                *                *                *

                  We congratulate the people of France who are always the first to rebel against oppression.

                  Known for their dedication and love for freedom and democracy, the French have always towered among nations as champion of liberty, freedom, and democracy. It is now under the president Emmanuel Macron. Long live the French!

                  The French are always the first to inspire democratic loving Americans to rebel against the British during the American Revolution.

                  We should not also forget that France has produced an inspiring young girl, Joan of Arc, who has remained not only their national hero but a world hero fighting oppression and despotism. Sadly, Joan was burned to death by a despotic regime but her memory continues to inspire freedom loving French people and the rest of the world up to now.

                  Long live the French!

*                *                *                *

                  Back home, this corner was asked about the accomplishments and/or achievements of Vice Mayor Brian Lim whois now running for mayor against Mayor Belen Fernandez, a woman leader of great achievements.

                  What can we say of Brian naman? We are taking the liberty to make a report of his achievements and accomplishments:

  1. __________________
  2. __________________
  3. __________________
  4. __________________
  5. __________________
  6. __________________
  7. __________________
  8. __________________
  9. __________________
  10. __________________

*                *                *                *

                  Sorry to have missed the breakfast club meeting at the President Hotel with our friends, California-based publisher-editor Fred Gabot, party list candidate Bobi Sison, and Fil-Am leaders Peter Salo and Alfred Daoana as guest speakers.

                  It was according to report well attended.

                  What is striking were the speeches of our friends Fred Gabot which were critical ofAmerican policies while that of Peter Salo was his advocacy to restore the statehood movement in the Philippines (US Statehood.) “to put an end to all the seemingly insoluble problems rocking the country.”

*                *                *                *

FLASH! City and Municipalities Competitiveness Index Awards.

1. Dagupan City remains to be no. 1 in government efficiency… 2nd Vigan… 3rd San Carlos.

2. Dagupan City remains no. 1 in economic dynamist… 2nd Vigan.. 3rd San Fernando, La Union. 

DAGUPAN CITY REMAINS TO BE NO. 1 asOVERALL MOST COMPETITIVE CITIES IN THE REGION. 3 time as awardee as most competitive city under the leadership of Mayor  Belen T. Fernandez. 

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