Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

By Gonzalo Duque


OUR friend Senatorial bet Bong Go has just broken the survey charts by bolting into the Top 8 slots!

We were earlier criticized for saying Bong will be a senator. Now, we predict he will be among the top 3 at the end game. Any taker?

*                *                *                *

Battle of the Malls, that’s how people call the mayoral election in Dagupan.

    We are often asked, “Atty. Gonz, naging vice gub kayo, ano sa palagay nyo ang tamang basehan sa pagpili ng lider?”

    Ok, I said “let’s define first a ‘leader.’ Better, we limit the topic to what we can see and identify with.”

    We focus on Dagupan. Kasi kitang-kita ang ebidensiya. What I mean is, Dagupenos can identify with situations.

    The issue is leadership, ok? Two good leaders are staking their claim to it. O, eto ay factual, I mean, let’s go to the facts.

    There are only 2 bets, the incumbent Belen Fernandez whose competence and 2-term performance are A-1, and Vice Mayor Brian Lim, a leader who made good in the Jaycees. World president nga e.

*                *                *                *

We are talking of a little-big city, Dagupan, who, if truth be told, has never had it so good. Ask any level headed person, and he/she will confirm this.

Dagupan today ranks among the very few best governed cities nationwide. Its economic index is within the top 10 bracket nationwide.

Clear indicator is the non stop rise of malls, business establishments in the city, and the general sentiment of residents that they have a high level of contentment.

Crime wave? We have among the cities the lowest index nationwide. Aha, the floods, truth to tell, it’s a non issue, kasi, lahat naman affected. The noises denouncing it are off tangent.

*                *                *                *

How about VM Lim as potential successor? Main argument is his erpat’s mayoral record. We’ll try to be fair, but believe me, the performance index shows Belen a runaway better.

    His record in the Sanggunian lacks lustre, not luck luster, kayo naman. At best, we’d give him, ok naman.

    In the Jaycees, saludo tayo dyan. Brian is the first ever Dagupeno to be elected world president. He is only one of five Filipinos to be elected as such.

    How do we view the vice mayoral contest naman? Off the record, but as they say, the winner-mayor will carry his vice and, in fact, her ticket.

    Need we say more?

*                *                *                *

GIVE LOVE IN JESUS NAME. Words have the potential to help or hurt. The right words, when spoken in kindness and sincerity, wield great power. Prov.4:20-22 says: “My son pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body.” As you receive God’s Word, likewise receive good health, healing & love in Jesus name amen.


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