Playing with Fire

President’s approval shoots up to 75%

By Gonzalo Duque


IT’S becoming a non news anymore; President Digong’s high approval rating, recently hitting 75%.

How, what’s his secret?  You ask.

Ho-hum!”  We’ve told you before, and we tell you again! Totoong tao siya! Unlike most of his predecessors.

Kung totoong tao bakit siya nagpulitika na ang karamihang practitioners ay plastic?

                  Yan nga ang sikreto. Digong tells the truth, whoever gets hurt. The masa simply loves it.

*                *                *                *

Let’s commend Speaker GMA for going against political turncoatism.

Naku, maraming Pangasinan politicians ang malilintikan nito.

We’ll not elaborate. Alam ng bawa’t isa sa mga pulitiko ang pinupuntirya natin.

Better shape up, mga abay!

*                *                *                *

In our Social Security Service (SSS) work, we’ve been receiving inspiring feedback for our role in the opening of new processing centers in Dagupan City and San Carlos City.

You all know the cumbersome rigmarole before when the only SSS center was located in overloaded Tarlac.

Now, we at SSS are on the way to enhancing technology and making our operations more responsive and trouble-free.

Please salute SSS’ new chair Aurora “Baby” Ignacio who has family roots in  Dagupan City, like, we heard, the De Venecias.

As they’d say “everything works together for good.

*                *                *                *

Sorry, Atchi Mita, for our failure to attend the late Justice Porfy Sison’s centennial birthday at the White House!

                  We were stranded in Manila. 

                  But our spirit was there, as we were able to talk to guest of honor Tim Orbos thru Jun Velasco’s cellphone.

                  Masaya raw, said Tim, a great asset of the Department of Transportation as its USEC and manager of MMDA.

                  Let’s salute the political process, as you were all witness to the time Lakay Porfy and then Oca Orbos fought for Pangasinan governor.

                  Tim was warmly received by Atchi Mita during Masiken Porfy’s 100th birth anniversary.

*                *                *                *

Dagupan City visitors do not fail to ogle their eyes with ohs and ahs at the newly inaugurated 4-story building of the Region 1 Medical Center along Arellano Street.

When we told that brod Pincoy, on instruction of President Digong, was in town to inaugurate it recently, they said “the building is a sight to see …. Please extend our congratulations to the man or men and women behind it.”

Congrats, Hospital Chief Roland!

*                *                *                *

They said we give credit where it is due, we couldn’t help but commend then Speaker Jose de Venecia and family for unrelentingly supporting the medical center in new infrastructures, etcetera, etcetera..  Brod Pincoy, we heard, highly commended the former Speaker and family including wife, former Cong. Gina and their son, incumbent Congressman Toff de Venecia, for their full support to the new hospital landmark in Northern Luzon.

Our family, as you all know, has done its share in the modernization of the medical center. A sense of modesty discourages us from blowing our horn.

The event was graced by Cong. Pia Cayetano, a candidate for senator, and Sec. Raul Lambino, a well esteemed provincemate whose wife, Marlene, is a candidate for mayor in Mangaldan, Pangasinan and son Mark, a candidate for vice governor.

*                *                *                *

Last week’s typhoon Rosita momentarily sent jitters and shivers to our spines for having been labeled under Signal No. 3, thank God, the province and especially Dagupan City was spared.

The smart Alecks have not stopped hitting the local administration on the series  of floods even if it should not be blamed on anyone  because the phenomenon is a force majeur and affected places even beyond Dagupan.

Did you know that our decision not to run for public office has earned us good points from, the Christian groups. Hmm.. you already know the reason, marotak so pulitika!

Kaya saludo tayo sa mga matatapang na sumasawsaw diyan, eh.  Yes, that’s true, politics is an opportunity for public services, but, my?!!! Grabe naman ang epekto sa health natin niyan!!!

Nang kumandidato tayong congressman against the political mogul na si Kuya Joe, kamuntik na tayong maglaho, and we did everything to win, so that for a while, hindi kami  nag uusap ni  Kuya Joe at ang kaniyang pamilya.

Napakasakit, Kuya Eddie and matalo sa pulitika!

But because of each one’s Christian upbringing madaling nahilom and sugat. Saludo pa rin tayo kay Manong Joe, best friends sila ni Papang eh.

But the experience has taught us to be more humble, rekindling to us an advice which says that in losing, you eventually win if you know how to play.

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