Playing with Fire

Toff, Alvin debate proposed

By Gonzalo Duque


NOT very many were surprised.

We are referring to the “4-way test” among the candidates for congressman in the 4th District currently ruled by Cong. Toff de Venecia.

If you know the character of our political practices, you should take the report that re-electionist Toff has four opponents, which is what we mean by a 4-way test, with apologies to the Rotary Club.

The four are former Vice Mayor Alvin Fernandez, Councilor Red Erfe Mejia, businessman Winky Manaois, and Greyson de Venecia.

Matindi ito, mga abay. Don’t know if Greyson, a de Venecia, has not “checked out.”

But of the remaining three, former VM Alvin, a lawyer, is to be taken seriously.

Ditto with incumbent Councilor Red Erfe-Mejia, a known ally-friend of the De Venecias.

As for Winky, well, the Manaoises are always in contention. “Daming followers din sila.

We are particularly intrigued by Vice Mayor Alvin, good son of our faithful friend, now deceased, Al Fernandez, who used to work at then big businessman and 5-time Speaker Joe de Venecia.

Many thought Joe and Al were among the best of friends.  So, we are left wondering, what’s going on?

“Kung sa bagay nothing is permanent in the world of politics.”

“Dito nga rin sa Brian Lim-Alfie Fernandez tandem, tayo ay naguguluhan eh. All along we thought that Alfie, another son of former Mayor Al Fernandez, a strong ally, mentor of Mayor Belen, is inseparable with Belen.

The fact that he (Alfie) chose to be vice mayor of Brian Lim,  seems very unique, although that’s  politics!

“Oo nga naman, the character of our political practices is ‘anything goes.’”

A thinking egged us to suggest a debate between Cong. Toff de Venecia whose competence as an intellectual member of congress is already proven and Alvin Fernandez, a new, bright lawyer.

What’s the objective? Well, the political atmosphere is getting to be exciting, and to sustain its character and to enliven the intellectual atmosphere, we think a debate would be welcome by all.

A debate between Toff and Alvin would be in keeping with elevating the campaign to a high level.

“No, no, no!!! No offense meant, gentlemen and ladies.  We have nothing but praise, salute and wishes for the best for the whole electoral process.

When we told some people about the idea, the response was enthusiastic.

Tsampyong yan, attorney, dapat lang, para naman mag iba ang political atmosphere,” they said.

Dagupan is a confluence, meeting point and center of ideas and will welcome intellectual exchange, debate and all enlightening activities that will auger for progress.

By the way, for the benefit of voters, and as a public service feature, we are giving you a list of the candidates who have filed their CoC’s — for congress – reelectionist Toff de Venecia; Alvin Fernandez, Red Erfe-Mejia, Winky Manaois, Greyson de Venecia. For mayor – re-electionist Belen Fernandez and Brian Lim; vice mayor – Brian Kua and Alfie Fernandez; for councilors – Karlos Reyna, Dennis Canto, Tess Coquia, Emong Vallejos, Chito Samson, Michael Fernandez, Marvin Fabia and Joey Tamayo; Dada Reyna, Robert Erfe-Mejia, Cisco Flores, Teddy Villamil, Beep Tan, Malou Fernandez, Rico Mejia, Nick Aquino, and (independent) Apring Dawana.

To all of you, keep democracy alive in these parts…  may the best men and women win!

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