Playing with Fire

Polls are a money splendored thing’

By Gonzalo Duque


WE congratulate Region 1 Medical Center, specially its head, Chief of Staff Dr. Roland Mejia on the inauguration of its new sparklingly beautiful building last Friday.

We missed the event as we were at Novotel in Manila attending an event for corporate directors.

Brod Health Sec. Pincoy, as main guest was sent by President Digong. He was joined by former Speaker Joe de Venecia whose family has done so much for the modernization of R1MC, we heard from Jun V.

Other guests included Mayor Belen Fernandez and other DoH officials.

We were told Sec. Raul Lambino and Sen. Pia Cayetano were there, too.

Congressman Toff de Venecia, according to news hen Eva Visperas, was at Harvard for his graduate studies.

We are happy for Roland because he has accomplished a lot as skipper of the center.

This was tacitly admitted by Roland’s predecessor, Dr. Jess Canto.

*                *                *                *

On the political front, former Govs. Rafael Colet and Oca Orbos were in town to join newly resigned USEC Tim Orbos file his certificate of candidacy as congressman of the First District.

Following the footsteps of his super brod Oca who was the fair haired man of then President Cory.      

At the Comelec, the Orboses and the Colets were with the Espino father and son, former Gov. and now re-electionist Cong. Spines and his junior re-electionist Governor Pogi. The meeting was described by cycling champ Jess Garcia as a reunion of 4 Pangasinan governors.

The four governors, says Jess, are backing Tim’s congressional bid.   

Tim, as skipper of MMDA, was able to make a dent in improving Metro Manila’s horrendous traffic. 

First District, which has missed an excellent representation in Congress, sees in Tim a resurgence of  A-1 brand of leadership, which was shown during brod Oca’s time.

Tim’s opponent is resigned Bolinao Mayor Arnold Celeste, younger brother of Arthur.   

Good luck, Tim

Notes: Cong Spines’ reelection bid will be opposed by former Binalonan Mayor Ramon “Mon-mon” Guico III, a relative of Speaker and former President Gloria Arroyo, while Pogi’s foe is Alaminos City Mayor and former Cong. Arthur Celeste.

Pogi’s team-mate is former Board Member Angel Baniqued, while Arthur’s vice is retired Col. Pat Oduna.

Marakep so laban, mga agagui! 

*                *                *                *

As your commentator, we have nothing but praise to those who joined the exercise for enlivening democracy. Pls. salute the candidates for public office, including the kandilakos because they keep the democractic ethos alive and kicking.

You’re right, including newsman Jaime Aquino of the Manila Times who filed his COC for congressman in Rep. Rosemarie Arenas’ district. Even former Calasiao Mayor Celso de Vera is the 3rd man in the race.

Matira ang matibay, mga abay!

Someone kidded us, “bakit di kayo nagkandidato, sir?”

We instinctively replied masiken tila, being a member of Molly Reyes‘ Jayceesiken Club.

Pwera biro, we are giving chance to the younger ones. We’ve been there, remember?

Ha? May nagkakandidato dahil pagkwakwartahan ang eleksyon? That is part of the game; the hoi poloi know how to discern the candidates.

Probably this is the reason someone suggested a theme song for the election season as “Love is a money -splendored thing” ha ha ha! Nasisiim koy Money Roy ya manpipyesta langola.

But we have an advice to the game players: don’t hit below the belt naman. 

Or you spoil the fun, ha, fund?

Ok lang basta hindi mahuli sa salang vote buying!

Ok ngarud.

*                *                *                *

We heard that re-electionist Belen’s opponent, Vice Mayor Brian Lim and his partymates led by former Councilor Alfie Fernandez had a well attended gathering before their filing of COC’s. 

That’s a credit to Mayor Belen’s democratic leadership. 

As for this columnist, we are for Mayor Belen and ABC president, Kap. Brian Kua, vice mayor.

We are citing their superb performance as basis for our vote.

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