Playing with Fire

‘Scourge of the times’

By Gonzalo Duque


THERE they go again!

That, in a nutshell, describes the dizzying political scene in our communities these days, with the filing of certificates of candidacy by would-be governors, vice governors, board members, mayors, councilors, and, oh well, would-be losers.

Is it “there they go again?” or “happy days are here again!”

Methinks both! You know the mindset, the psychology of Pinoys. They love fun, contest — political, beauty, and otherwise contests.

The majority would just settle for being bystanders. Expensive ang labanan, mga pare ko, very risky pa, you would lose a fortune because of the character of our politics.

Ay, wala na, that dictum about the talented running for public office is now passe… kasikung wala kang datung, forget the idea.

When we were in short pants, in high school and college, how we admired leaders who’d get elected. Yes, that was before.

Now, kung wala kang million or millions para makalaban kang governor or mayor, better forget it!

That’s why that guy who jokingly suggested that instead of election, mag pa auction na lang where the winner goes to the highest bidder is talking sense!

But truth to tell, in one sense, we admire the few who have not lost faith in the system, kasi kung ang majority ay cynicalwala nang pagasa ang bayanwala nang future! That’s why we urge everyone to help sustain the faith by protecting our democratic system in electing our leaders.

Let’s pray and do something to sustain the good features of our political life.

Happy days are here? Well, para sa mga botante na ang trato sa election ay pagkwartahan lang!  Because the candidate would dangle money to them at sino naman ang tatanggi, sa dami ng naghihikahos ngayon!

We appeal then to our leaders not to exacerbate the situation. Tulungan natin si Presidente Digong na mai-ayos and system, the process and the political culture para tayo’y umunlad.

*                *                *                *

Boners happen, and we, in spite of our utmost care to avoid making a mistake, dented our column last week. sorry, very sorry…..

     We were writing about the “antalosable” twists and turns of politics, and of all boners, a victim of the raging political feud in Dagupan a couple of years back — a certain Malapit — should have been written as being attached to Alvin Fernandez, and not as erroneously stated to Lim.

      Up to now, the crime has not been resolved.

       Ano na ba ang sitwasyon ngayon, mga abay?

      We too are still wondering how incumbent Mayor Belen could lose given her litany of achievements!

     Those posturings to unseat her would only make promises, promises, promises…. and nothing more, while the mayora has shown in bold relief concrete and tangible accomplishments! 

      What?!! Yong baha?! So what of it? For the nth time, we say, hindi lang ang Dagupan ang naging flood victim… the flood damaged our towns and cities  province-wide, if not nation-wide!

      We believe it’s here that we would be able to test the Dagupenos’ political maturity, if they would not be hoodwinked by misleading propaganda na walang solid na basehan! Yang mga nasa facebook ay fake news, the scourge of the times.

     We ask you, dear readers, to use your careful analysis… and not allow your vote to go to waste.

       More on this next issue.

*                *                *                *

We wish to greet our friend George Cham happy birthday on October 13. He just turned 68. This number is reserved for top performers, as No. 8 is perfect, while 6 is, alam nyo na, para sa mga mahilig.

Happy landing, Sir George!

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