Playing with Fire

A humble feat at SSS

By Gonzalo Duque


SOME kabayans asked us yesterday how have we, a commissioner of the Social Security System, been doing in all our two years in that office?

With all candor, we said “Great!” You all know this fire player, no dull moment, always firing, folks.

But of course, ladies and gentlemen, in the right, proper, correct and strategic places!

At this juncture, we felicitate SSS Dagupan – our home court – led by Monalisa Nardo and her hardworking staff for bagging the Best Quality Workplace Achiever Award large branch at our  61st anniversary celebration.

It was, mind you, a meaningful, festive event at the central office in Manila.

This is, by the way, the 2nd such award received by the team, yes, for the past 2 years ahem… ahem…

We felt knighted in our 1st two years at SSS if you consider the timing! A word of caution — yang may kiliti sa ulo ha? We have nothing to do with the award, God knows, nagkataon lang, it’s an act of Divine Providence!

In all humility, we are proud to report that the movement or transfer of the SSS’ processing center from Tarlac to Dagupan was part of our advocacy and initiative.

It’s a no mean feat, really, as this event signals the end (kaput) of the cumbersome, excruciating claims, complaints, follow ups by members in the past.

We heartily thank Ms. Josie Fornilos for her special role in expediting the setting up of the Dagupan processing center.

May her tribe increase!

*                *                *                *

Sept. 24 is a red letter day for LNU.

       You know what’s LNU, don’t you? Ok, birthday yan ng LNU founder, the late Francisco Q. Duque Jr., former Pangasinan governor and secretary of health.

                  With sister, LNU President, Dr. Luz D. Hammersheind, the school had a simple celebration, yes, on the compound.

         It was recollection galore of erpat’s legacy to the young, yes, after politics which he seriously called public service. We had mass at the renovated chapel and a soulful, simple thanksgiving event, with Mayor Belen Fernandez leading the guests.

                  Oh, yes, September was also the birth month of beloved brother, the late Dr. Ado on September 18. Nag-celebrate ata sila Atchi Mita, beloved and highly esteemed sister in law.

          As you all well know, Kuya Ado was LNU’s first president after erpat. Pro hoi poloi ang brod nating yan, pero super bait. He paved the way for the university’s open door policy.

         Dapat siya ang nag-pulitiko, after erpat e. But as fate would have it, the challenge was thrown to our lap, in which we attempted twice to unseat the super politician former Speaker Joe de V. Alam niyo na ang panalo, di ba?

         But it was worth the experience. We saw through friends, the real, the unreal and the surreal.

                  Oh, yes, nag-vice governor tayo, nang nanalo tayo with then governor Rafael Colet. It was there and when the seed of the anti-drug campaign provincewide was hatched.

          To all who have stood by us all this time, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

           Ay, by the way, during the September 24 affair at LNU, youth leader VJ, son of councilor-not yet Ashok Vasandani, was at his pogiest profile in the party. We wish Ashok fast recovery, kasi may sakit daw… I know a chant that will restore his health pronto, “Canchan” Right?

*                *                *                *

         Condolence to the family of media man Orly Guirao, 70.  He died of lung cancer the other week, no thanks to smoking…

May he rest in peace.


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