Playing with Fire

A timely call 

By Gonzalo Duque


IT’S a surprise to know that the head of the Lingayen DPWH, Engr. Editha Manuel, has the making of a politician or public speaker.

This was the consensus of the President Hotel Breakfast Club people headed by Atchi Mita last Friday.

Edith, by the way, and Col. Wilson Lopez, PNP Provl. Chief, were the guest speakers.

Of course, Col. Lopez drew praises for his command’s outstanding anti-drug campaign. MABUHAY ka Wilson!

In her analysis of the Dagupan Flooding, Manuel traced the city’s history, how was it a century ago? Hindi ba river yan?

She cited many viewpoints tracing the origin of the floods, the undredged rivers, creeks, canals, etc.

The residents who are fond of “tapon ng tapon” are partly to blame, she said.

Work of nature? Yes, also, recalling the 1990 holocaust.

She said it’s not proper to point the finger of blame to anyone, stressing “everyone has a stake in the making or unmaking of the community.”

There is a need for a thorough study of the problem, the proposed diking, dredging, and the people’s role in the whole exercise should be taken into account.

She frowns on a joke that Dagupeños had better pack and abandon Dagupan, saying “that’s defeatest.”

What is needed, she stressed, is Dagupeños’ unity and faith in doing what’s proper, scientific, well studied, researched and approved by the highest engineering standard.

She shot down insinuations that politics was rearing its ugly head in the ugly media reports.

She said: “we at DPWH are doing everything to mitigate the harm done by floods, we can only appeal to everyone to bear with us, after all, we all mean well for our families and the community we live in.”

She was accompanied by Engr. Eugenio Arguero, Engr. 2 Planning and Division R1.

Mita Duque, club chair, praised the DPWH and those working to mitigate harm done by floods and appealed to the populace to remain watchful, faithful to one another as Christian brethren at all times.

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