Playing with Fire

 Responsible media

By Gonzalo Duque


MARAMI ang nakapansin sa pagtutok natin sa flood issues in Dagupan that have gone viral in the social media.

Sa kasamaang-palad biglang dumami ang batikos sa ating mahal na mayor dahil dito.

We notice something suspicious in the negative feeds. Parang may nag-o orchestrate.

You with a talent for looking will know the untruthful if not malicious and subversive account meant to mislead the public trust on the city’s political leadership.

Hindi nakakatuwa ang gawaing ito ng ilan sa ating mga kabaro. Halata ang dumi ng konsensya ng ilan.

Our question to them is: Hanggang diyan na lang ba kayo? Alam nyo naman at alam ng lahat that the bad weather is a global phenomenon.

We want to request the quiet, conscientious netizens to come forward and make known their civic consciousness by showing the mapanira ang dapat na i-report sa ating mga kalugaran at kaibigan.

*                *                *                *

Tulad ng sinabi natin na global ang weather reversals, we just came across a news report at DZMM that a super tornado at may lakasna 245 kph ay parating to slam the state of Hawaii.

                  Yaong mga bagyo sa atin ay may lakas lang na 50 o 75 and at most 100 lang. And yet, our people are reeling from the havoc and devastation that these reverses of nature have brought.

                  Can you imagine the surrealistic portrait of our country if we were visited by that kind of horrific typhoon that’s slamming Hawaii now?

                  God forbid!

                  Pasalamat tayo sa Poong Maykapal for sparing us from it!

                  But since strictly, Hawaiians are also our fellow brethren in God’s Home, let’s pray that they be spared, too, by deadly typhoons.

*                *                *                *                *

Welcome home, Jihado Gilbert Talaue, a professor in a Saudi University. The husband of the former Kharmina Velasco, Gilbert reports that President Digong is extremely popular in Saudi Arabia, unlike the U.S. President, who is disliked by many.

Si Pangulong Digong daw ay hindi takot sa mga drug lords, at mga vested interest groups at lumalabas na tunay na national leader ng mga Filipinos, according to Gilbert.

Mabuhay si Pangulo Digong!

*                *                *                *                *

A case of irresponsible news reporting was committed by a local station of a major TV network causing undue damage to an award–winning hotel.

        The report was about a high school student taking part in a practicum that was not even, according to hotel manager Nory, given any permit. The alleged victim of electrical shock was declared safe and ok, but the nasty reporting, we were told was going on at press time, giving rise to suspicion of malice.

         So this boils down to irresponsible practice of journalism which should be dealt with accordingly. You see, press freedom is a sacrosanct rule in our democratic institutions. But let no one abuse it.

*                *                *                *                *

Notes: We commiserate with the family of Adolfo “Pong” Siapno, 70, son of former Mayor Gaudencio Siapno, who met an untimely death due to a vehicular accident.

He and the late wife have 6 children; he was the brother of our friend Dr. Vicky Siapno Tada and Ms. Letty Lopez.

Internment at Eternal Garden on Saturday after a mass at the Philippine Independent Church.

May he rest in peace.

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