Playing with Fire

Brian Kua: ‘star of humility’

By Gonzalo Duque


WE recently had dinner with Ptr. Butch Belgica, an outstanding voice of spirituality and enlightened politics.

Our conversation touched on re-gathering the original Duterte campaigners as a refreshing shot in the arm for the federalism campaign.

We find Pastor Butch an infectious leader who is convincing as he is oozing with humility.

Also, over the weekend in our flood-visited city, we were happy to learn that Pogo Chico’s Barangay Kapitan Brian Kua easily cruised to the presidency of the Association of Barangay Captains of Dagupan City without firing a shot.

Punch readers, we know, are not stranger to Kap Brian, being a humble leader because he has what it takes to be a city leader.

He is warm and friendly, hardworking and has a knack for getting things done— talagan lider, awa mga pare ko?             

When we were asked what word to describe him, we instantly replied, he is a “Star of Humility.” Parang star of David, ha? For a while, we wondered why after his failed vice mayoralty try, Kap Brian just kept quiet and settled to his comfort zone, in the quiet of his Barangay Pogo Chico, taking his time to grow in influence and public service.

Proceed, President Brian Kua!

Hats off, too, to outgoing ABC president Lino Fernandez who gracefully accepted the position of vice president, and Julie Perez as treasurer, and all the rest.

Mabuhay kayo!

*                *                *                *

Some nasty questions are being raised even after the floods have settled about the way and system of relief distribution in certain barangays.

                  Hmmm… hindi na ako makiki-sawsaw sa problemang yan except to express the hope that in future undertakings the duly elected officials be consulted on matters like that.

OK ba?

*                *                *                *

         We’ve been receiving reports (the proper word is “alingasngas”) about the proverbial cheating in the last elections. Hohum, what else is new, fellas?

We really hope the guilty will be unmasked in deference to our electoral laws and democratic system.

Makapoy, makapauta itay saolan ed eleksyon, mga agagui.

But as Aesop would say, the culprits would soon be out.

We encourage you, dear readers to look harder and listen more carefully— if not discriminatingly—to the ongoing proceedings involving electoral fraud.

Lalabas at lalabas din ang totoo.

Let’s have faith in the democratic ideal.


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