Playing with Fire

Local lawyers, mediamen plan tribute for PVS

By Gonzalo Duque  


OUR eyes and ears will be glued on the TV screen on Monday to listen to President Digong make his third State of the Nation Address.

Our take on just one among the many great things which the President has accomplished with aplomb is his action on the environment.

No, not the floods as yet.  That would be done away with in a run-of-the-mill manner.

What to us, made an impact was his decision on Boracay. It packed a sterling message.

Maraming pressure at malalalim ang gumalaw to block his action diyan, if we know, but here’s Digong battling the forces of evil, so to speak, and get the job — a great job — done!

The presidential action was in the name of protecting Mother Nature, or life itself. And his action, as we all have seen, sowed terror on those who intend to do monkey business on our beloved land.

It’s only one copy of the many myriad actions the President has done, sending a strong message as well as a warning to the lawbreakers and the locos..

If truth be told, many dirty capitalists in cahoots with corrupt politicians are still at it, we mean, this business of self service, self aggrandizement, panloloko sa bayan.

We see the Boracay action as a symbol of what our President can and will do, not meaning to appease anyone including his personal friends and barkadas of which he has many in the line of duty to country.

Kaya mahalin natin yan. He is our one and only Action Oriented president.

*                *                *                *

Hmm…so, the plan to launch the Justice PV Sison Legal Journalism Award is going to push thru.

That seems to be the last word from our good friend and cumpadre Jun Velasco.

                  Initiiated by local and Manila lawyers and media practitioners, the launching will be timed with the 100th birth anniversary of the colorful leader of the bar and journalism, on September 6.  

                  Where is the venue?  Saan pa, di sa magarang hotel ni sis-in-law Mita, the President Hotel in Lingayen.

                  The hotel is next-door neighbor to former President Ramos’ house. Kaya pala President Hotel. Stockholder ba si Manong Eddie jan ha? Joke only. 

                  A nice and great project, because as you know, the barristers and the journalists are exciting bedfellows, if we say so, hindi ba Ermin?

                  At this time, with the advent of the Duterte government, nothing can be newsier or noiser than a governance under a dynamic leader. Magandang i-cover ng mga peryodista, di baKuya Vic Millora?    

                  With charter change around the bend, with the BBL idea just off the ground up for approval and adoption, the country will take off to new exciting grounds. 

                  We know of partners who can best represent the people, we mean, their interest, in the name of democracy.

                  Speaking of masiken Porfy, there are many vignettes about him, his days and times in Pangasinan and the nation.

                  The father of Atchi Mita, beloved wife of brod Dr. Ado, was not only a journalist, as he was a favorite topic of local newsmen, a newsmaker, too. Kasi he spoke their language. We remember his associations with the orig Ermin, founder, first editor of this great paper. And, oh yes, who could beat his association with then The Courier editor — where we used to write a column, too — Jose N. Fermill, who was endearingly addressed Joe’n?

                   One time, the Pangasinan Press and Radio Club held a tribute for the oldest member Joe’n. The lengthiest “eulogy” was made by Masiken Porfy. In his reply, Joe’n in his characteristic humor said, “Porfy, your tribute is good, but I need con-tribute.”

                  Another Porfy Sison anecdote. Known for his very long speeches, was this one he gave as a eulogy to a fallen comrade whom he likened to be “like my own brother.”

                  It turned out the one in the coffin was a woman. 

                  Joking aside, the tribute for Masiken Porfy is just perfect.

                  He epitomized the literate and brilliant lawyer and justice of the Court of Appeals when he was alive.      

*                *                *                *

Hats off to Barangay Lucao officials headed by our friend Lino Fernandez, ABC president, who, we’re told, is ready to relinquish the post to Kapitan Brian Kua of Pogo Grande.  The Lucao folk thru their officials were firming up two resolutions addressed to Cong. Toff de Venecia for the upgrading of their infra, which we know is a great need, as testified to, by the DPWH people, too. Hindi ba taga-Lucao si Mayora Belen? To our mind, the twin resolutions are as good as done, ha, Lupon leader Ding Gomez?

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