Playing with Fire

What price independence?

By Gonzalo Duque


IT was inspiring to see Dagupeños and visiting netizens come in droves to take part at the city’s Independence Day celebration at the Stadia.

Mayor Belen Fernandez’ well applauded speech was very timely and relevant because it inspired Dagupeños to love their city especially in relation to the care and love for the young and future generation.

It was therefore very apt for Mayora to cite what Dagupeños have been doing to promote progress and development.

Its not hard for all of us to appreciate the mayor’s message because the proof of performance and achievement is for everyone to see.

This should be the reason why by and large, the performance of our beloved mayor is rated outstanding.

It is not an exaggeration that among the mayors the city has produced, Mayor Belen far out distances all of them.

I will therefore echo what she asked every Dagupaños in her Independence Day speech and that is for all of us to work hard as a united people for sustained progress and development.

We should celebrate our independence not in the sense of having been freed from the clutches of foreign invaders but more so from the clutches of poverty, ignorance and other social problems that usually plague our communities.

Kitang-kita ng lahat kung paano lumundag ang ciudad sa kanyang natamong progreso, and this became most evident during the mayorship of Belen.

Therefore, appeal to our citymates to do their best in deserving the amenities of a progressive community.

Happy Independence Day to one and all!

*                *                *                *

Of course, main focus of our attention during our Independence Day celebration are our forefathers who fought the forces that wanted to keep our people in bondage.

                  Foremost of these people is none other than our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

                  I am happy to note that the group, Knights of Rizal headed by my friend Jun Velasco was at the Independence rites, along with Councilor Jigs Seen, incoming KoR commander for Dagupan City.

                  The other KoR topguns present at the Stadia affair were Ambassador Bayani Mangibin, Dr. Ashok Vasandani, Manila Times correspondent Jaime Aquino, and Alex Tulao.

                  Mayor Belen was impressed with the track record of Ambassador Mangibin in the foreign service having served for 34 years in various countries including those in the Middle East.

                  The Rizalistas, this corner was told, have a round table discussion at Bombo Radyo, tomorrow, June 18 with manager Bogs Toribio as moderator.

                  Ms. Arabelle Arcinue, president of the Pangasinan Heritage Society, and Dindo Bengzon, a decendant of Leonor Rivera from Lingayen, Pangasinan are joining the panel discussants.

                  If we could have our way, we will join the forum being an adviser of KoR Dagupan.

*                *                *                *

                  Condolences to the family of the late RTC Judge Iluminado ‘Mimi’ Meneses who died last week.

He was 90. He will now join his beloved wife, former principal Flora Meneses who died earlier.

The couple led an exemplary and humble life when they were still alive.

Happy reunion, Kuya Mimi, with Atchi Flora. They have left fond memories during their temporary but fruitful years.

Rest in peace, Kuya Mimi.


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