Playing with Fire

The past as present and future explained

By Gonzalo Duque


THERE’S no way you will not appreciate the present leadership of Dagupan City.

We are not carrying our own chair being the head of the city’s culture and arts body initiated by the city council and inspired by Mayor Belen Fernandez.

Go to any primary and high schools hereabouts, and you will be impressed with the fact that a serious study of our history is a top agenda.

Unlike before where history subjects were focused on the birthplace of our popular heroes the likes of Laguna of Jose Rizal, Cavite of Emilio Aguinaldo or Manila, birthplace of Andres Bonifacio, or Mactan or Cebu of Lapu-Lapu.

It therefore looks funny that we Pangasinenses or Dagupeños are strangers of our own birthplace.

This is now a thing of the past. The city government, now prioritizing a study of our local history and culture, is now producing Dagupan literature which is ideal for tourism.

We are happy to learn that Councilor Jigs Seen is out-front in this endeavor. Ditto with Councilor Netu Tamayo and the rest of our legislative leaders in the city council.

Incidentally, Councilor Jigs has a scholarly approach to this assignment. He is, according to my friend, Jun Velasco, Knights of Rizal – Dagupan City commander, the incoming KoR commander.

I understand Jigs was one of the ardent city officials who assisted Mayor Belen in recovering the piano of Leonor Rivera from Bulacan. Do not forget that our national hero, Jose Rizal, was the loyal and infatuated listener to beloved Leonor’s piano pieces.

So, this at once gives us an idea that Rizal visited Dagupan contrary to claims that he never set foot in our place.

Back to the importance and value of studying our own past. As everyone knows, you can never arrive at your destination without knowing your past.

In fact, all these things that we know today or are guiding us are based on what we know that was bequeathed to us by our past leaders and historians.

We now have the best opportunity to define and craft our future. We must therefore adopt a scholarly and serious study of our past and present concerns to prepare us in carving the future.

We are lucky to have local officials led by Mayor Belen for making us aware of this important if not sacred connection. In point of fact, there’s no other way we can master and anticipate what will happen but by taking a studious and critical view of our past.

*                *                *                *

We wish to felicitate Ms. Josefina “Fina” Dacasin-Parilla, former chief of staff of then Congressman and Speaker Jose de Venecia, Jr., who was once instrumental in putting up a new “Home for the aged” and the homeless poor in Brgy. Sapang in Sta. Barbara. The lot where the facility stands was donated by the Dacasin family. Her late father Juan Dacasin, was treasurer of San Carlos City and Laoag City.

                  Thru her leadership, a handsome facility will be inaugurated on June 23, 3:00 pm with Mayor Carlito Zaplan and Brgy. Captain John P. Dagarag leading the guests.

                  General Reynaldo Velasco, now MWSS chairman, is one of the facility’s incorporators.

                  Fina is the chief organizer of “Tapat Foundation”, a civic organization dedicated to the uplift of the poor and the downtrodden in a sincere, faithful and “tapat way”. Having seen the workings of government at a close range during her years in the House of Representatives as a faithful assistant of JdV, she knows whereof she speaks.


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