Playing with Fire

Poll winners, congrats, but work!

By Gonzalo Duque


THE country just had its successful village elections.

Hooray and congratulations to the winners!  But sorry… try better next election — to the losers.

May mga alingasngas, there are complaints here and there — that’s part of the game. That’s democracy at its best!

We received an info that certain losers are filing cases against whom they perceived to have violated election laws. Brotherly advice – hinay-hinay lang, mga abay, baka kayo ay madapa, mapapahiya lang kayo.

You should know or have known what you have gone into — that a political exercise is a many splendored thing.

Kaya nga, masaya, challenging, it brings out the best and the worst in man and also woman (maraming women candidates pala, and this is good for the country).

A political game is a complicated exercise. It’s difficult if not impossible to pin down  your pet peeves, i.e., the guilty party or parties.

Nakakahiyang, nakaka-dyahi at sometimes nakakahiya ang mag-complain dahil ikaw ay natalo sa laban. Karamihan, magmumukha tuloy ang mga talunan na amateurish, incompetent or funny.

Kaya brotherly advice lang po, ktry better next time na lang. It’s not the end of the world yet.

*                *                *                *

The election results in Dagupan show a whooping support for the leadership of Mayor Belen Fernandez in which 92 percent of the winners are her political allies.

                  Papaano naman, the political leadership is a superbly performing leadership. Sinasabi na ng pitak na ito that Dagupeños never had it so good under the present leadership. Both Dagupenos and non-Dagupenos alike could see with their own eyes massive improvements, from infrastructure to public service delivery.

                  Dapat magpasalamat ang ating mga kabaro, kabarangayan and every constituent ng ciudad na nagkaroon ng superbly performing local government.

*                *                *                *

In Manila and all over the land, namamayagpag pa rin ang high performance ratings ng Pangulong Digong Duterte, and special mention dito ang kampanya against illegal drugs and malfeasance in the government service.

You’ve got it in the media lately na dalawa na namang Asec ang inalis ng Pangulo sa pwesto dahil sa corruption.

The entire anti-corruption campaign is still going on, and we know that marami diyan ang hindi na makatulog, hindi makakain dahil deep in their conscience they are guilty.

Who will be next? May nagtanong sa atin, bakit ba it took several years or decades na nagkaroon ng tunay na reporma at pagbabago sa gobyerno?

         Ang sagot po natin diyan ay dahil karamihan or majority ng ating namuno o namumuno sa gobyerno ay “weak kneed,” nakatoon sa pagkagahaman at pagnanakaw ang kanilang kaluluwa. Kaya ang ating kawawang bansa ay nalugmok sa putik. Mabuti na lang at dumating ang “liberator” para tayo ay makaahon sa kahirapan.

It pains us to remember that the Philippines used to be number 2 in the whole of Asia in terms of economic progress, during the fifties and early sixties.

In the careful and deep analysis of our economists, malaki ang kasalanan ng imperialist or capitalist America sa nangyaring ito sa atin.

The ironic fact is up to now, many of our countrymen still find it difficult to turn their back on Uncle Sam who is still viewed as our liberator not only from the Japanese but also from economic stagnation as well.

Sana, we pray that our countrymen could see through what we are saying here. Marami tayong kilala, maybe well meaning na galit kay Pangulo dahil sa kanyang pagiging brutally frank tungkol sa pagmamalabis ng America sa ating bansa.

It’s only now as you all can see that the start of our true and real freedom and emancipation from foreign strangulation is only happening under the new political leadership of Digong.

Hindi ba noon, pag nabanggit ang Russia at China, ay para tayong nakakita ng gorilya o mamamatay tao? It took a valiant, brave, courageous and decisive leader to free or emancipate us from the false, even in the area of mind control – that includes, alas! –and souls!

To those who appreciate this heroic role of President Duterte, we applaud him like a saint, kahit napaka-anghang magsalita. But he is an angel, if truth be told.

*                *                *                *

We are doubly happy for the Supreme Court’s decision exonerating former Prov’l Administrator Raffy Baraan and Housing chief Alvin Bigay from the Blacksand extraction complaint, which has caused them untold suffering, tho thru no fault of their own. The decision again underscores the truism “You can’t put a good man down.” Congrats!


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