Playing with Fire

En garde!

By Gonzalo Duque


WE wrote this a couple of days before the Barangay and SK elections, and yet, many of our people were still in a quandary if the political exercise would really happen.

Those who mean well like most of us, anyway, are working for its success. But there are also the killjoys, the professional cynics who love opposing any program or venture just for the sake of opposing. Walang pinagkaiba sa batang nagta-tantrums.

Mapalad lang tayo at most people are peace-loving, and God, as always—is on our side.

And so while writing this, we couldn’t help sharing you tidbits of disturbing information concerning the May 14 elections.

Haaa!!!? Mabuti na itong may election kesa wala, at least may pagdadausan.

Yon ang problema eh, ginagawa natin ang crucial exercise for emotional release of our angst, anxieties, problems, and so forth.

                  Hindi natin inaatupag ang kapakanan, ang totoong kapakanan ng ating bayan.

                  So we continue to be confused.

                  Sa advent ng Duterte government, marami na rin ang nangyari, nagawa and nobly initiated actions towards the normalization of life in our country.

              Pero kulang pa rin.

Let’s quote our own visionary President who in one moment of disgust and probably exasperation, blurted (words to this effect),” marami sa mga nag-udyok sa akin na ako’y lalaban sa pagkapangulo ay nag-uunahan ngayon na gumawa ng katiwalian!”

             Pwe!!! Well, para sa mga false supporters yan, para sa mga mapagpanggap, pretenders, and so on.

At the moment, the ongoing campaign in the May 14 elections was getting exciting and in many parts, dangerous. Marami nang namatay due to poll-related violence.

Let’s hope and pray the nation survive this exercise, this democratic exercise, our passport to democracy.

*                *                *                *

In Dagupan City, the poll excitement was also hot. We were told that protagonists in Barangay Bolosan, exchanged sharp and deadly accusations of charges of corruption.

        We were told the forum was aired thru Bombo Radyo. Hmm.. we thought sana parameters of decent debate for verbal encounters like that should have been defined and clearly. It was “anything goes” type, fraught with danger.

*                *                *                *

It’s really fun to have elections. But, we warn those who are amateurs in the art to watch their tongue, actions and their backs. They could end up in real trouble or sheer disappointment amidst defeat and “kantiyaw!”.

Next time, before you enter this “land mine,” mag isip-isip kayo ng million beses. We know what we are talking. Galing tayo diyan!

No, not only this columnist has seen the treacherous character of politics. Our beloved father, the late former Gov. Paco Duque, got his fair dose of politics’ bloody character. We are therefore warning those who have no stomach for the bloody affair to keep out.  We’re sure you will thank us for warning you later.

*                *                *                *

Jun Velasco told us that former Ambassador Bayani Mangibin, a Dagupeño—after serving in the Foreign Service in 36 countries—is back in Dagupan. He is reportedly impressed with Mayor Belen Fernandez’ leadership and is eager to contribute his know-how in governance to help the mayor sustain her gains in the craft of serving the people.

Mayor Belen, why don’t you give Bayani a call? His CP#0977 692 2549.

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