Playing with Fire

Cong. Baby Arenas ‘stuns’ audience

By Gonzalo Duque


DO NOT be surprised if our President is peeved by illegal drugs.

Of course, who won’t be?

You, too, know why… because drugs, the illegal or elicit ones, kill. They destroy the mind, the user, and eventually, the nation.

If you get hooked, you are forever doomed!

This is why the President is very mad, angry and emphatic against it, especially drug lords getting into the government. This concern the President wants to show in the coming elections.

We, therefore, appeal to would-be criminals, the drug criminals, to keep out of the polls.

Huag nyo nang gagaguhin ang elections. Noong una takot na takot ang Pangulo na isulong ang eleksyon lest the drug pushers dominate the winners. They have the cash! And in elections, ang laging panalo ay yong ma-pera. Sad, but it’s a morbid reality.

But the President later seems relaxed. Nananalo na kasi ang mga mabubuting tao. They see the problem startlingly graphic. Thank our lucky stars. Thank the media. Let’s thank ourselves!

Most of all, thank the President!

He was, is and will be anti-drugs!

*                *                *                *

Press Secretary Martin Andanar was LNU’s graduation speaker last Thursday.

                  Yes, we were opting for him to become senator sana. Just like Bong Go. These two guys—both favorites of President Digong—are ace assets of the Republic.

                  Sec. Andanar has charisma, idealism, and a pro-poor heart. We know how—just like in the confidential report of our daughter Asec Peebles — that there’s a need to regularize government employees. Marami pa kasi ang contractual.

                  We wish our friend Sec. Martin be given a chance to become a senator, too.

*                *                *                *

Congresswoman Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas wowed her audience at the Señor Tesoro College last Wednesday. Congratulate the graduates and, of course, the head of the college, its president Edith Cardozo, with son Rod as vice president.

Cong. Arenas was introduced by college consultant Dr. Catherine Velasco. Btw, Cathy was our LNU tourism college dean.

While the perennial beauty, Cong. Baby, was speaking on the need for an educated republic as passport to success and greatness, the audience daw was marveling her youthful beauty, and, of course, her speaking skills.

Cong. Baby, just like daughter, former Cong. Rachel Arenas now chairman of the MTRCB, is a Duterte fan.

She believes as she articulated in her speech that education is sine qua non to the uninterrupted and integrated growth of the country.

In our province, the 3rd district is unbeatable in infra projects. It was made so during the congressional leadership of mother and daughter, Baby and Rachel.

Mabuhay kayo!

*                *                *                *

Mayor Belen Fernandez’ cleanliness drive is working.

We heard that the 25-hectares Blue Beach Subdivision has recently taken correct steps to stop dumping waste into the Lingayen Gulf.

                  Good move. Unlike before when residents would make a free throw into the waters. Belen Fernandez’ cleanliness drive is working, reports say.

                  We heard that the 25-hectare Blue Beach Subdivision has recently taken correct prohibited area, they are restrained from directing the flow of their waste water into the sea.

                  We congratulate the subdivision owners headed by Anne Tadeo for their patriotism and civic-mindedness.

                  Mabuhay kayo!

*                *                *                *

At presstime, umaatikabong pulitika ang naaamoy natin. Positioning is back.

Hmmm… while we wrote this, we got a glimpse of the People’s Journal headline, “Robredo’s vote count exceeds actual votes.” The show is on!


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