Playing with Fire

Make the campaign a habit!

By Gonzalo Duque


OUR cumpadre Cong. Spines and his son, Gov. Pogi were torn by two major events last Thursday.

Doña Victorina Tutaan Espino, pare Spines’ beloved ma had just died, while he was the guest speaker at Pangasinan Day rites in Lingayen.

With the late former school teacher Amado Espino Sr., mama Victorina sired 7 bright kids including Mayor Deo of Bautista. Grabe yan achievement, mga pare ko.

She was 96. In her new home, the grand dame of Pangasinan will be all smiles for a life well and fruitfully spent.

Godspeed, Madam Espino!

*                *                *                *

WE are happy about the success of Dagupan City’s Bangus Fest.

                  Yes, our world famous, now included in the famed Guinness Record!

As proud and faithful Dagupenos, what are we to do?

Sustain the gains! How? You ask.

Simple, though not that simple, folks! As we said, let’s sustain the gains.

We should, first of all, thank God for these blessings, from the sea and rich soil, for this happy combination that give us the tasty bangus and other aquatic wealth.

                  Number One. Keep our rivers clean all year round!

You all know how to go about this. Just develop the cleanliness habit, period! Huag sirain ang biyayang ito ng Diyos! Or, pag nagalit, we all suffer!

                  On this account, someone insinuated, ano kaya, Kuya Gons, kung walang magdudumi o sisira ng cleanliness ng ating rivers?

                  Dapat nga ganun eh. Because if that is done, if it becomes habit, walang tatalo sa paglago, progress, sa negosyo.

                  Lalago, lalaki ang ating produkto. Ombuna! Yayaman tayo.

                  Ang problema, nandyan pa rin ang ayaw umalis na e-coli, human waste,  yaaaks!

                  But, with a determined leader in the person of Mayor Belen T. Fernandez, we can do what seems impossible. Political will lang yan! The lady mayor has shown in many instances how she does things! Like our city’s winning the IRAA in North Luzon.

                  What did it was Mayor Belen’s well-known political will.

                  Last week, we touched on her infra program. Ongoing na ang umaatikabong infra development projects.

                  Yong chronic flooding na yan, its days are numbered, so to speak…mawawala na rin yan.

                  Oh, yes, back to the clean-up drive. It can be done. It will be done. The mayor, assisted by all the government instrumentalities, is already at it.

                  After the Guinness on bangus—let’s go for a sparklingly clean Dagupan! OK?

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