Playing with Fire

Laying the basis

By Gonzalo Duque


MANY among us still can’t make up their minds as where they stand on President Digong.

Some are ok with our-unorthodox way the President runs the government, even if he uses foul language at times.

Their defense of the President lies on his sincerity, will power to use everything within his command— the presidency— to carry out much needed reforms in our fractious political system.

And, how! Mind you, he is achieving results, great, stupendous results!

On the anti crime front, who can beat his performance? No less than President Trump of the United States is all praises to President Digong’s anti drugs drive! And who wouldn’t be, even our local anti Digong secretly admire him?

Yes, those among our co-Filipinos are heads over heels sa kanyang performance! Sino ang makakapantay sa nagawa at ginagawa niya against the drug menace?

Let’s go to the scoreboard!

Up to now, his popularity rating is 86% ok. Why? Because he is effective. His approach works! Kung baga, sabi ng isang super popular song, Perfect!

But there are those, the oversensitive, who are turned off by Digong’s foul mouth! Foul ba ang nagsasabi ng totoo? Hmmm…

In a larger sense, what matters is what works. Ang mga naiiyak sa pagbabalik ng rule of law are on top of the rung.

Ask the taxi drivers in Manila, hindi na sila takot magsakay papuntang Tondo. Dito sa Dagupan, the once drug lair Aling report is classic. Go there now, it is very peaceful. Noon, patayan dyan araw araw. Doon din sa Bonuan, the same story.

Who has done this transformation? Ay? Oo nga, may mga nasasaktan sa treatment daw ng gobyerno kay Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Well, papaano naman, may mga maling patakaran eh.

Sana, si Madam ay beyond reproach! But siya pala ay pwede palang ma-approach eh. Ang mahistrado na pwedeng ganyan, ay sira, diba? Kaya may psychiatric issue involved.

In the over-all, the country is going great guns because of Digong.

Need we say more?

*                *                *                *

We heard under Secretary Tim Orbos of the Department of Transportation will be the guest of honor and speaker of a joint Rotary meeting coordinated by the Rotary Club of Downtown Dagupan according to an info from president Dr. Ashok Vasandani and past president and assistant governor Norman Velasco.

                  Orbos is the youngest brother of former Congressman, DOTC Secretary and executive secretary Oscar Orbos who almost became president of the Philippines and very popular Catholic priest, Father Gerry Orbos. He is also the son-in-law of former governor Rafael M. Colet.

Tim is doing a good job at his present post at the DOTC in Manila. We heard he is being groomed to run for a high position in Pangasinan in the coming election.

Maybe he will carry on what brother Oca was not able to accomplish.

Good Luck!

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