Playing with Fire

‘Isumbong mo kay Gonzalo!’

By Gonzalo Duque


FIRST, we apologize to our friend, Ramon Tulfo, for parodying his popular public service program, “Isumbong Mo kay Tulfo.”

We just couldn’t help it after initiating a Social Security System (SSS) strategy to go after shenanigans in the government service who have no compunctions in abusing the government.

You are all aware of private employees — and also some in the government hire — who milk their employees and go scot-free.

They pocketed what their employees were supposed to receive.

This unchristian, if criminal act was, of course, properly dealt with, with filed criminal cases against erring employers.

Now, under a new strategy, specifically under our committee, we now have a well-studied, legal provision that empowers the SSS to issue warrants of arrest ala BIR style against wrong doers, who, of course, will be notified, warned, etcetera in accordance with fair play or the democratic process—and if they still insist on their evil ways, the system will garnish their bank account as provided for by law.

This creative, brilliant strategy, by the way, is now being done, carefully thought out, discussed, and implemented after 60 years; properly approved to be implemented on Jan. 24, 2018 in accordance with corresponding rules and regulations.

We believe this would be the best gift we could give the labor sector.

Somebody suggested, and we agree, that as overseer and main implementor of this novel strategy we should banner the campaign, “Isumbong Mo Kay Gonzalo!”.

Ok ngarud!

*                *                *                *

Our daughter, PCOO presidential assistant Pebbles (still single) was one of the speakers at the recently concluded student media summit for elementary and high school students under the city government held at the Stadia.

                  As an active participant of the seminar, she had to “travel” from one room to the next to brief, inform, masticate and clarify things especially involving social media, the rage of the times.

                  It’s always meritorious to see the young discuss and reflect on the issues and events that are happening in our midst, to sharpen their perceptions of issues and events and make them more aware of the complex world around them.

                  We were told that Secretary Martin Andanar was invited to the event, but pressing work in Manila would not allow him to attend.

                  Let’s not tire exposing the young to the convulsive events and issues impinging on their lives. When they meet their fellow youngsters and debate or compare notes about the things that happen around them, they grow intellectually and become more prepared to face the future competently and with confidence.

                  We have a slogan for them, “empower the young, and inherit the future!”

                  Congrats, Mayor Belen Fernandez for initiating this big event!

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