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NO one knows our hometown best but us. Who knows the resto that serves the best local dishes, the best accommodation, the coziest spot in town and the best buys? It’s us, the residents of the locality.

In an effort to further boost tourism in the Philippines, the Department of Tourism (DOT) thru Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo invites everyone to welcome our foreign friends to our hometown. This DOT program is actually a revival of a referral incentive program that was originally implemented from 1994 to 1997. It encourages Filipinos, residing here and abroad plus expatriates based in the Philippines, to help promote Philippine tourism by inviting their foreign friends to come and visit the Philippines. The program is anchored on the opportunity presented by the presence of millions of Filipinos residing and/or working abroad.

“Bring Home A Friend” aims to foster love of the Philippines among Filipinos especially those living and working overseas by reiterating their role as positive enforcers of Philippine Tourism.  We should all be Philippine’s “Ambassadors of Goodwill”.

Aside from appealing to the sense of nationalism and love of country of Overseas Filipinos, a travel rewards program with a chance to win attractive prizes in the raffle draws for the Sponsoring Overseas Filipinos and their Invitees/Foreign friends was initiated. Here’s how to join: visit and invite as many friends as you like. The one who invites is called the sponsor (any Filipino of legal age). When a friend (invitee who should be a foreign passport holder) accepts the invitation and travels to the Philippines, the sponsor or the invitee should complete the registration process by uploading the proof of travel (e-ticket or boarding pass). Raffle tickets will depend on the point of origin of the invitee (1 raffle ticket for Asia, 2 for Australia, Oceania and Middle East and 3 for Europe, US and Africa). Promo runs until April 15, 2018. Prizes include a P200,000 gift certificate from Duty Free Philippines, a Toyota VIOS, and P7-Million worth of Megaworld Condominium unit located at Eastwood, Libis for three lucky sponsors and a dream vacation in El Nido Resort in Palawan, JPark Island Resort in Cebu and Pearl Farm Resort in Davao three lucky invitees.

To all my friends abroad and to those who have foreign friends, “Come home to Dagupan. Come to the Philippines. Bring Home A Friend!”

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