Playing with Fire

Terrific literacy recognition!

By Gonzalo Duque


BUSINESSMAN Norman M. Velasco, founder of the More Than Conquerors Club with Ashok Vasandani as incumbent president says Gov. Imee Marcos of Ilocos was the main speaker at the Philippine Bible Society convention in Lingayen, Pangasinan on Saturday.

That’s good news!

Many wants to know if the Marcoses are now ready to turn over some of the $30T under the name of her father, the late former President Ferdinand Marcos’ to the national government.

If that is realized, Ph will be the richest country in the world!

In this connection, Engr. Alex Sapigao, son of the late former Mayor Asingan mayor Francisco Sapigao, and Guia Macmod, president of the Muslims Community in Pangasinan, swear the late FM “was the wealthiest of humans that inhabited the earth!”

They blasted the rumor that he was corrupt.

More on this in future issues.

*                *                *                *

This column is proud to announce the appointment of my sister Dr. Nieva T. Duque as new chairperson of Lyceum Northwestern University, while Dr. Luz D. Hammershind, another sister of ours, as president.

Hmm… parehong tsampyon ira ya. Hermana tira, kwanyo pa?

We have written about Ate Luz’s credentials last week!

Ate Nieva, on the other hand, who is second eldest in the family (next only to Dr. Ado) is the managerial, thorough, impeccable type of manager. We are happy that family members have finally shown ardent interest in the institution that Papang (the late former Gov. & Health secretary Paco) has built.

Though Ate Nieva is a rabid intellectual, as most Duques are anyway (ahem… ahem…), her feet are solidly planted on the ground, being realistic, earthly, and scientifically calculating.

To God be the Glory!

*                *                *                *

Of our colorful brods (you know Usec Pincoy and Caesar, the man with the Midas Touch and sisters (Nieva, Grace, Luz—all doctors of medicines—and Tina), yours truly has the reputation of being a “black sheep,” whatever that means. But tayo lang ang naging vice governor, “congressman almost,” (kamuntik ha ha!), LNU president, National Jaycees lawyer, Securities and Exchange Commission legal executive, etc. No, not the positions really, but what the impact that we left made make us proud.

*                *                *                *

Up to now, even if overwhelming na ang achievement ng ating butihing Mayor Belen Fernandez, umaatikabong palakpak naman ang naririnig natin.

Even in the matter of uplifting education in our City of Dagupan is up, up and away!

Did you know that our city (ask City Librarian Cora Caguioa-Langit) is No. 1 nationwide in services rendered to the public as reading conscious? In spite of the internet, Dagupan folks’ reading habits are still tops! Visit the city library, and you’ll know what we mean. That’s terrific literacy recognition, folks!


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