Playing with Fire

Love is lovelier 2nd time around

By Gonzalo Duque


HOW come, says an observer, President Digong’s popularity keeps rising even amid problems in and out of everywhere?

Methinks the President is loved by the people. As they say love conquers all, and you know what love means! Lahat hahamakin masunod ka lamang.

*                *                *                *

Love reminds me of Councilor Alvin Coquia who took a bride recently, Ms. Almira Dauz, at meaningful evangelical rites at Sison Auditorium.

     We, along with Rep. Pol Bataoil, a great lover (of the people, sicayo met?), Mayor Belen Fernandez, and some other lovers stood as sponsors to the beautiful wedding.

     Very touching, talaga. Even the so-called untouchables would be touched.

     While the rites was going on, we seemed to hear Jack Jones’ “Love is lovelier the second time around.”

     Good luck again and again, Alvin and Almira! Better still, Happy Landing again and again… ad infinitum. . . .

*                *                *                *

Come February (hmm, Love Month), our Lyceum Northwestern University will officially seat our sixth president, sister Luz D. Hammershind. It will launch LNU’s leap to a new high in education’s global reach.

A member of the board of the Holy Family university in Philadelphia, USA, Ate Luz is the straight-thinking, executive who will give her new workplace a dose of universal education ala the Lincolnian mindset. Expect LNU to touch base in new, heretofore unheralded vistas of the educational challenge. May I ask everyone to support her.

It pleases us to inform you that even with the president’s free education program (college included), our LNU population has improved rather than diminished! It bespeaks of improving public trust, and we are grateful for it. With Dr. Marco Duque’s installation last month as VP, Papang’s futuristic pronouncements in this field he had articulated (he was the godfather of Medicare), are now coming true.

Before he left for the Great Beyond, Erpat was discoursing about Educare (parang Medicare). The idea was not officially launched, but some bright boys picked up the idea. We think President Duterte’s inroads in social education have imbibed Papang’s ideas.

Another Duque, who is in the headlines these days, Sec. Pincoy, will be in Dagupan on Jan. 27 (hapi birthday, Jun V) as guest of Rotarians. He will make a report to his fellow Rotarians on what he has been doing for the nation.

Let’s welcome him.

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