Playing with Fire

On Cong. Pol’s ‘super’ presence

By Gonzalo Duque


AT the inauguration of sis-in-law Mita’s historic “White House” in Maticmatic, Sta. Barbara town last Thursday, only one government official was present, Cong Pol Bataoil. Karamihan, mga amiga niya at mga media.

Oh, yes if you’d consider this columnist, former Judge Vic Rojas, husband of Girlie (Mita’s sister) former Land Bank Usec Albert Balingit, and former Board Member Bobby Sison government officials, that makes us four.

We’re not surprised at the private character of the occasion. Sis-in-law has wanted it that way, simple lang.

                  Ang ganda ng bahay. Parang copycat ng White House ng U.S.

Congrats, Atchi Mita. Know what? We felt that the spirit of Kuya Ado, our beloved brod, was present and very pleased. The White House idea was his principally, altho the love of his life, Atchi Mita, provided the finishing touches. We recalled brod Ado and sis Mita’s courtship days in our table which included Dr. Viven Villaflor, Albert, Bobby Sison and Jun Velasco. Talagang super ang love story ni Kuya Ado at Atchi Mita.

“Pro American yay duara awa?” Commented someone. We said, can you blame them? Ang tagal nilang tumira sa U.S., particularly Washington D.C. That’s why if you noticed, Kuya Ado’s “English spokening” when he was still around carried an American twang.

But he was very Pro Pinoy, as observed by most of you who knew him.

At the inauguration, a guy who impressed us most was Cong. Pol Bataoil who is a regular presence in many activities involving the President Hotel and Pangasinan affairs, even if he is active in the House where he keeps a recording of 100% attendance, Joe de Venecia’s international parliamentarian organization and many projects in the 2nd District.

We discussed with Pol our old personal advocacy of bringing back to Pangasinan especially to Dagupan regional government offices, such as PhilHealth, SSS local offices, etc. It should be easy now for SSS because we have three key officers in that office, Chairman Amado Valdez, Commissioner Arthur Amansec and yours truly.

Pol’s infra projects in Pangasinan’s 2nd district are making a dent in our tourism development. This Congressman is destined for greater things. The newsmen present included Minnie, Liway, Leila Sy, Ruben, Andre Abalos and four others whose names escaped me.

Mabuhay ka Pol!

*                *                *                *

Back to the barkada at the “White House” inaugural. We shared the group my chat with Kuya Ado about the Sacred Heart statue atop the building. We cautioned Kuya Ado it was exposed to the elements like rain etc… to which he immediately provided with an enclosure.

                  It’s a dream house for Kuya Ado and Atchi Mita, altho it is with a touch of Melancholy that our Kuya has gone ahead to the Great Beyond.

*                *                *                *

                  We’re glad that Mayor Belen is moving fast for the solution of the city’s septic tank problem. This matter takes center stage with brod Pincoy as top of the country’s health concerns. Our dream is for the city in tiptop shape vis a vis people’s health.


*                *                *                *

                  Oh, yes, someone asked us why we look younger than Secretary Pincoy who is younger by five years. May crush ata yang nagtatanong ah?... but we’d like to tell you this: “We don’t take problems as problems but as enjoyable challenges that entertain.” Adopt the attitude, and you’ll grow younger by 20 years!

                  Mark my word.

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