Playing with Fire

Fernandez, the best mayor of Dagupan City

By Gonzalo Duque


AFTER a time of joy (Christmas) let’s face the New Year with hope and achievement.

We’ve been asked to comment on the presidency of our citymate Vice Mayor Brian Lim in the world Jaycees. Timely.

We’d say it’s the greatest feat of Dagupan and the Philippine Jaycees. Let’s all stand in salute to congratulate him.

Brian even beat his erpat former Mayor Benjie Lim in Jaycee politics. BSL only became national president.

Hindi ordinaryong achievement ang World Jaycees, mga abay. We should ask Mayor Belen to do the same. Pasamano yo pan agaylay si Brian.

What? Mayor Belen won’t doff her hat to Brian’s achievement? Kayo namang intrigador ha?

Kayang-kaya ni mayora itan, as she has shown time and again her ability to rise above petty politics and rise to heights of statesmanship.

Mayor Belen has a solid track, too, as chief city exec, reputedly the best Dagupan City has had, since all the way back.

Back to Brian. It’s our hope that he stays humble and continue to do his vice mayor job like a world Jaycee president would. How? We know he knows how.

Ah, yes, we wish to warn anyone who may want to spoil the party by fomenting intrigues para may masira.

Huwag naman! For our part, as a past Jaycee leader, too, we know what are good and bad. We stick to what is good.

We hope our two officials can bounce higher in the leadership challenge without being bogged down by partisan politics that’s common these days.

*                *                *                *

As the year 2017 draws to a close, we want to greet our great friend, former Mayor Al Fernandez who is undergoing chemo treatment.

In the view of many, Al is the best we have had as mayor of Dagupan.

Since Al and Belen are both Fernandez, we’d just say Fernandez is Dagupan’s best mayor, ok?.

*                *                *                *

Happy 81st birthday, Kuya Joe de V!

From the looks of it, he will surpass everybody.  One trait Kuya Joe has that has made him healthy is that he loves his work.  And, according to a confidant, hindi nagtatanim ng galit. Walang masamang tinapay kay Joe de V, kaya matibay pa rin.

*                *                *                *

Some of the best words we need to say everyday to our God like the innocents do:

*Thank you Lord,

*Forgive me Lord,

*Help me Lord,

*Teach me Lord,

*Guide me Lord,

*Use me Lord,

*Bless me Lord!

Everyday is a blessing, so, don’t look back, don’t look ahead, just look up and thank God for another day, because not all people are given a chance to wake up today. A joyful and blissful innocent’s day to you!

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