Playing with Fire

Self-serving epals

By Gonzalo Duque


A lot of people are amazed at the President’s continuously rising popularity.

SWS gave him 78% while Pulse Asia 82% in the latest score card.

The masa and the ABC crowd love him. How do you interpret this?

Us think his brutal honesty. He walks the talk. Aliwan plastik!

Unlike some trying government officials who hide behind epals, you get what you see from Digong, totoong tao, down to earth.

Speaking of epal, our politicians do not know that it is a form of stealing. Why? Because they claim credit from projects paid for by the people’s money.

This columnist finds these billboard blurbs self-defeating. When we were vice governor, we initiated ordinances against selfish epals. Kasi we hate to inflict insult to the public who could see through self-serving epals.

Due to hi tech and modern modes of information our public are well informed, media experts. They frown on dishonesty in all its forms.

Bawasan or trash these epals and earn popularity plus points and satisfactory ratings like Digong.

By the way, we recently made a trip to the Dagupan-San Fabian boundary, and we are happy to report that medyo may signs of improvement ang ginagawang bridge.

We used to call it Century Bridge because it’s been quite a very looong time that construction has been going on.

Sana magkakaroon na ng period o closure ang “century old” construction period. Tagaaaal na!

*                *                *                *

Many are asking us about the pretty doktora who coordinated the successful Phil-Am Medical mission that took care of at least 2000 Pangasinan patients at the Region 1 Medical Center and Lyceum Northwestern University a couple of weeks ago.

Well, we take pride to inform that she is no other than our beloved sister, Dr. Grace D. Dizon, incoming president of Pamag.

Her group donated one brand new ambulance for R1MC to the ecstatic joy of Director Roland Mejia.

We heard from Cathy Velasco, RIMC’s diet dept. chief, that Atty. enjoyed our native dish. And the friendship of the locals.

Cathy says sister Grace has intimated that Pamag’s next mission is Bolinao, a couple of years from now.

It would be the 8th Philippine city that would be pampered with excellent health care by Pamag. Ok ngarud!

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