Punching Bug

China. Duterte. Impeachment.

By Ulysses R. Butuyan


DUTERTE: I CAN’T STOP CHINA IN PANATAG. Why not just wage “tokhang” against the Chinese invaders? Being caught in “flagrante delicto,” they are more deserving of summary execution than mere drug suspects who are murdered without due process of law. If he is as brave as his sycophants perceive him to be, let him, personally or his alleged “death squads,” confront and repel them. Murdering defenseless drug suspects is criminal cowardice. Repulsion of invaders is valiant patriotism.

‘WE CANNOT STOP CHINA FROM DOING THESE THINGS. EVEN THE AMERICANS CAN’T STOP THEM.’ It is not the duty of the Americans to defend the Philippines’ territorial claims. Besides, cussing the US President with invectives like “son of a bitch” is the least the Americans need in return. Why don’t we just plead to Russia?

DUTERTE IGNORES THREAT OF SUIT IN INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT. Let him say “what kind of animal is that?” Impeachment? Just a few billions of pesos of government money will save him.

DRUNK A VICTIM OF “TOKHANG?” Drinking is now a heinous crime, punishable by summary execution. Who needs to restore the death penalty?

HOUSE TO KILL DUTERTE IMPEACHMENT. Is Congress now engaged in summary killings, too?

HAZARD PAY FOR COURT OFFICIALS IN DANGER ZONES PUSHED. Some judges are wearing bulletproof vests. Are they entitled to the hazard pay if they themselves are the cause of their own paranoia?

IMPEACHMENT PROCESS BETTER THAN COUP. There must be something faster and far more effective than impeachment or coup. Ask the “tokhang” operators.


CARPIO TO DUTERTE: DEFEND PH SHOAL. But hasn’t he declared that not even the Americans can prevent the Chinese from invading the Panatag Shoal? Who, except Duterte alone, knows what’s good for his country. He alone decides what is good, and no one else knows better. In fact a great majority of the honorable members of the House of Representatives agree with him in restoring the death penalty, and the PNP is even glad to know that in their “tokhang” operations, they don’t need the death penalty law.

DUTERTE SLAMS CRITICS OF HIS WAR ON DRUGS. He verbally abused the Europeans for condemning the extrajudicial killings in the drug war, telling them: “Why don’t you mind your own business? Why do you have to fuck with us, God damn it.” You can bet someone is fast becoming a persona non grata everywhere even in the country he says he loves. Do Europeans have leaders who are afflicted with psychological problems.

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