Punching Bug

Killer cops. Colombia’s Gaviria. Yasay.

By Ulysses R. Butuyan


FORMER COLOMBIA PRESIDENT CESAR GAVIRIA SAYS, “MR. DUTERTE IS REPEATING MY MISTAKES.” That’s not true. Gaviria never badmouthed any Catholic Bishop or Pope, a United Nations Secretary General, a U.S. President and an SC Chief Justice with derogatory names and titles like “idiot, shit and putang ina.”

PNP PAID KILLERS P5K PER DRUG USER. The wild rumor that PNP officers are paid at much higher rates per cadaver must be false?

CRIMINALS NOT HUMAN, SAYS AGUIRRE. So what should we call Duterte and his policemen? Does Aguirre want another name, too?

PANELO SENT TO SEOUL TO APOLOGIZE FOR KOREAN SLAY. Is he part of the ‘Korean Mafia’ that Bato blames for the murder of Jee Ick-Joo?

WHY SHOULD EVERY CITIZEN BECOME A TRUTH TELLER? To shame the politicians and police who never stop lying.

DUTERTE SCOLDS ERRING COPS. “Scolding” is the only penalty that killer cops deserve. Even calling them “putang ina” would already amount to cruel and unusual punishment. Death penalty is reserved only for suspected drug addicts.

PHL TOLD TO HONOR IT’S TREATIES WITH OTHER NATIONS. Come again? Our government doesn’t even honor our Constitution and local laws anymore.

OUR VOTING MACHINES FOUND DEFECTIVE. So what? Many of the elected officials are even beyond repair, anyway.

DRUG LORDS TREATED LIKE VIPs IN AFP JAIL. But of course, or they’d squeal on the Drug Almighties yet unnamed. That’s precisely what EJKs are meant for; to serve as silencers!

IS FOREIGN SECRETARY PERFECTO YASAY, JR. A U.S. CITIZEN? Maybe he’s of dual citizenship: half American by his white hair and half Chinese by his bored and drowsy eyes.

HAS MARRIAGE LOST ITS SHINE? Blame it on the priests who contrived it but would rather remain single, and on the lawmakers who sheepishly legislated it as an “inviolable social institution” but who themselves reputedly have harems of their own. But with all due respects to the “holier than thous” and contemporary Pharisees, it is genuine and selfless love that keeps a couple happily together for life, married or not. Legislated “love” is not love at all; it is virtually an imposition and grand hypocrisy.

ANOTHER FILIPINO ON DEATH ROW IN KUWAIT. In the Philippines, death row consists of squatter colonies, PNP headquarters, Bilibid’s maximum security prison cells, tricycle lanes and similar killing fields. In Kuwait, the Filipino was found guilty by judges and justices. Here, it is enough that those summarily executed are found guilty by the police and their so-called vigilantes who’ve never heard what Constitution is all about.

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