Punching Bug

Social Media. Murder of South Korean. Rogue Cops.

By Ulysses R. Butuyan


PINOYS SPEND MOST TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Good news: Housemaids do it only during their working hours.


LACSON SHOWS VIDEO OF A COP PLANTING SHABU IN AN OFFICE DURING A “RAID.” Lamentably, scores of judges who convict the poor victims of PNP mischief blindly stick to the “presumption of regularity in the performance of official duty” to justify themselves, subordinating to it the Constitutional presumption of innocence of mere suspects. Maybe, they’re hoping to be promoted for doing so. May the Lord not condemn these Your Honors, instead!

SURVIVOR, VICTIMS’ KIN QUESTION DRUG WAR IN SUPREME COURT. May all well-meaning, sensible and patriotic people intervene as co-petitioners. Exclude the so called “drug war” cheerers who are no different from the World War II Japaneses collaborators.

PALACE TO BISHOPS: SHED ‘HOLIER THAN THOU’ ATTITUDE. Now you know who must be addressed “Your Holiness.” He is much holier than the Pope.

TRUMP SAYS TORTURE ABSOLUTELY OKAY. Would he allow it to be tried on him? Cheerers in Phl EJKs will learn to mourn only when they themselves or their loved ones are the next victims.

PH WON’T BUY RUSSIAN RIFLES, AFTER ALL. Maybe we prefer everything made in China?

WILL SINGLES FIND ROMANCE THIS YEAR? How silly a question! Aren’t singles more romantic than the married? They just don’t boast, unlike the way senior citizens do.

MORE WOMEN ARE GOING FOR DESIGNER GENITALS. Some men say they are yet to see a good-looking one, but they’re not referring to faces.

MURDER OF SOUTH KOREAN DOES NOT JUSTIFY REIMPOSITION OF DEATH PENALTY. Try extrajudicial killing on the homicidal maniacs if only to give the police a dose of their own medicine.

PALACE: ROGUE COPS TO BE DEALT WITH. Really? If the death penalty were revived, would any policeman survive? But let’s pity them; they’re just obeying orders, no matter how lawless. But let their superiors earn their own “wages.”

WAR ON DRUGS NOW JUST COVER FOR COPS’ CRIMES. How slow to learn can we get!

LOBBY STARTS VS. MEASURE TREATING 9-YEAR OLD OFFENDERS AS CRIMINALS. Why not use them as state witnesses, instead, but without prejudice to their reformation and the life-long incarceration of their instigators?

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