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Hail, education!

Johanne R. Macob

By Johanne R. Macob


In two weeks time, I’d be wearing my ‘sablay’ again to graduate for my Master’s Degree. Though the graduation is not a complete surprise, for it has been a result of a five-semester or a two-and-a-half-year perseverance, I still couldn’t   help but be overwhelmed and share such happiness and gratitude especially to everyone who helped me achieve it. It is also my hope to inspire everyone to pursue learning whenever a chance is available.

For more than once, I have heard people ask me why I haven’t stopped studying, even after obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree. When they learned I enrolled in an open education system and that I am soon enrolling in law school, they gave me the impression like I am doing something outstanding. Perhaps, it is mainly because for many, it’s not a necessity to pursue a postgrad course. However, I personally think that if the circumstances are okay, I see further learning as a need or an ordinary undertaking. Though I respect differing opinions about pursuing postgrad studies, I still want to encourage everyone to reconsider. The value of pursuing postgrad may not be appreciated at the moment, but I believe additional knowledge is never a waste. Education is always worthwhile.

Whenever I hear my nephews and nieces complain that they are tired of their school works, I always tell them that doing otherwise, or any other option, is way harder. I have experienced being a full-time student when I was in grade school up to college. I have also tried being a part-time student and a part-time worker when I was doing my MA. I think, apart from the development communication lessons I learned in my postgrad, I have also further learned the value of discipline and hard-earned money. I can honestly say, without drama intended, that kids who do not have to fend for their own education are very, very lucky.

So to each and every student who feels like school is hell and that school works deprive them of enjoyment in life, please think again. As I have read from the speech of Vice President Leni Robredo to students, “…these years are the best time to expand your minds and prepare you for the rest of your life.” You are fortunate to be studying and having your families support you. Please do not waste that opportunity.

Meanwhile, for those thinking of pursuing further education, go ahead. There is no age limit in wanting to learn more. Education is never a waste of time, of money, of effort.

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