Protocol for ‘surrenderees’


By Bebot Villar


I think it is high time for the government to issue a set of guidelines that would cover the processing of so – called “voluntary surrenderees” that has become commonplace in the war contra-illegal drugs!

You will note in the various news reports na iba’t iba ang trato ng mga otoridad sa mga sumusukong drug pushers at dependents. In one municipality in Cavite, surrenderees are being paraded on the streets, while inside a cage! Others are made to render community service while some of them were “encouraged” to dance the Zumba!

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For instance, the mass surrender of about 500 drug peddlers and users last June in Brgy. Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City through the initiative of Brgy. Capt. Ricardo Mejia was laudable. However, I was told that all they did was to sign the promissory notes, na nagsasabing hindi na sila uulit pa sa kanilang bisyo! After signing, pinapaalis na lang sila? Brgy. Capt. Mejia said the barangay officials will closely monitor the surrenderees para masiguro na hindi na sila gumamit. Ganon na lang ba iyon? That’s it?

Looks like bitin ang benepisyo na nakuha ng komunidad sa mga sumuko.

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During my stint as Chairman of the Dangerous Drugs Board for 6 years, I understand that external interventions are important to address the problem of drug use and peddling. So I respectfully propose that should there be scheduled mass surrenders, coordinated with the Department of Health or any medical professional who is trained in addiction medicine. This is important because unless they know the level of drug usage of the person who surrendered, the right intervention may not be given, whether counseling or in-house medical treatment or admission in a drug rehabilitation center.

Baka naman may mga sumuko pa dyan na nababaliw na! Hindi na po pwede sa rehab center yan kundi sa mental hospital na!

We hope that the guidelines will be released as soon as possible upang hindi magkagulo tuwing may mga tao na nais sumuko!

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Kudos sa mga tauhan ng PNP Dagupan City at Urdaneta City dahil lahat ng kanilang personnel ay nag-negative in their drug tests. Sana tuluy-tuloy na po ito at dapat magsagawa ng periodic and unannounced random drug testing to ensure that our police personnel are truly drug-free.

Kakaiba ang drug test dahil masaya ka kung negative ang resulta at malungkot ka kung positive naman!

*          *          *          *

We have pointed out the drug-affected barangays in Dagupan City in our previous columns, pumunta naman po tayo sa Urdaneta City. Brgy Camantiles is a popular area, but for a wrong reason! Dahil ayon sa ating mga kaibigan, hindi matatawaran ang kasikatan ng Brgy Camantiles dahil talamak po ang bentahan at paggamit ng shabu sa barangay na ito! 

To our accountable officials in Urdaneta City, tutukan nyo naman ang barangay na ito para hindi na lumaki pa ang problema nyo sa droga! 

*          *         *          *

That is why we have always emphasized the need for barangay officials to fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies in order to rid their respective communities of illegal drugs. 

If only our barangay officials will cooperate and coordinate with our police, tiyak matatanggal ang salot ng droga. Ang mga kapitan, kagawad at tanod kasi ang nakakaalam kung sino ang mga pasaway na nagbebenta at gumagamit ng droga sa barangay. But if we know of barangay officials who refuse to help and cooperate, then dapat na sila imbestigahan at kasuhan!

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Many are waiting for the list of mayors who have been identified as protectors of drug lords! Former PDEA Director General Dionisio Santiago said the list contains the names of 23 mayors confirmed to be coddlers of known drug syndicates. Pangulong Duterte is reportedly ready to bare the list this week.

Ang tanong po natin, are many of our mayors in Pangasinan in that list?

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