Playing with Fire

Presidential road has been paved for Duterte

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


NOW that our favorite presidential candidate has been given the green light by the Comelec, the nation can now brace for the advent of new politics.

Oh, yes, we have no qualms about Digong Duterte becoming elected president.

He was a late filer, and even a substitute candidate, but look at the national hubhub he has stirred up.

Wala nang duda,. Siya na!!!

The country can now heave a sigh of relief in its struggle to be free from criminality and illegal drugs!

We believe it is this issue that has brought Digong Duterte to the hearts and minds of the people.

Let’s shower confetti on the Comelec, which has made good its vow to champion the people’s vote and right of suffrage.

Oo nga pala, Digong Duterte is meeting with Pangasinenses on Feb. 18. We can’t tell the venue yet. Pls. stand by.

Digong has told us many times he has a mass following in the province. Aside from this columnist, he has many other fans, many silent, kasi they have local political attachments who belong to the other side – or sides.

But as to the presidency, it’s Digong all the way.

Sorry na lang Grace Poe, who has Pangasinan roots by her links with the late FPJ, a San Carlos native. She, too, is popular, of course, but is in for disqualification. We are a lawyer – and we can re-state that over and over again.

As to the Admin’s presidential bet, Mar Roxas. Ok lang sana, kasi honest, Mr. Clean, and Mr. Palengke – but medyo mahina sa popularidad.

We told former Usec. Jovy Bengzon, who has been drumbeating for Mar that the whole nation is preparing for Duterte, not Mar as next president.

Binay? Baka mag-second place kay Duterte, presuming Grace is out in the long run.

Miriam? Her perceived health issue will drag her down.

So, that’s it, folks, let’s prepare for a Duterte win and presidency.

*          *          *          *

As we wrote this, we were attending national water districts convention in Fontana in Clark, Pampanga.

Several issues have been tackled.

One such issue is our P140-million loan with LWUA. In our meeting, pragmatic suggestions were aired, and what dominated the majority view was for management to transfer the loan to the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) which charges only 4.5% interest.

LWUA. unfortunately, charges 8.2% interest.

Malaking halaga yan, mga abay!

Another Water District item tackled was former LWUA chair Butch Pichay’s P20-million allotment to the district.

Now, the cat is out of the bag. Not true that we received P20-million, but only P8-million.

Worse, the national office would want the P8-million to be loaned for local use. Hmmm…and, then we give them 8.2% loan interest?

Huwag na lang! Our local board has decided to return the so-called grant to the national office.

Ano ba ang trato nila sa atin?

We were not born yesterday.

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