Playing with Fire

Nanoy, you do your parents proud!

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


SORRY to some friends who keep on inviting us to their special events.

Our hands are full.

Mahirap pala ang magkaroon ng reputasyon as a great speaker ehem… Last week and the other week, lagi tayong kinukumbidang magsalita.

Ah, yes, as a Duterte endorser.

Dito natin nakikita na gustong-gusto ng mga tao na makarinig ng mga advocacies ng next president nating si Kaibigang Rody.

klik iyong iminungkahi nating ang mga magkakandidatong president – except Digong Duterte – ay pawang tameme sa mga drug lords, criminality at death penalty. We call them the “9th Wonder of the World!”

What kind of attitude is this, we said, ang mga nais mag president, wala namang stand on illegal drugs, criminality, and death penalty!

Papaano naman, mga pulitiko eh, baka may mga financiers na drug lords!

Not our bet!

*          *          *          *

Every father’s joy is a good son.

Aga onaawet kumon so salim (legs)mo, Nanoy, but you’ve made your father proud.

Yes, his feat as a good coach of our LNU Dukes – two championship awards from the Philippine Championship League for his stellar skippership in the North Luzon-Central Luzon area gave us moist eyes. Every father’s secret wish is for a son to be successful, if possible, to beat the erpat.

Nanoy has excelled there – and what’s more (and we thank God lavishly on this) is his immersion in Christian values.

He has been knighted Action officer of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a modern-day apostleship for Christ.

Nanoy sees to it that Christian values are developed in his players. The whole nation, nay, the world has noticed.

We wish to acknowledge with gratitude certain personalities who are making a difference in their lives and in the manner they infect us.

Ray Gamboa, president of the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, for his grand hosting for the LNU Dukes that saw Nanoy as the best coach ever.

Salute our player Roxan Melendrez and Dither Roxas, outstanding rookie of the year.

Also, with the international flavor – Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs, David Robinson, past MVP of the NBA, and Steph Curry, the superstar of the Golden State Warriors and MVP of the NBA in 2014 and 2015.

Mark this: when Nanoy made his report to the official of the Christian Fellowship, who came all the way from the U.S., what struck him hard was his Christian advocacy!

Because of that imprint, Nanoy will be sent to Thailand then Hawaii to deepen his commitment to Christian sports league.

While observing him, we could only recall that signboard atop the basketball court at the YMCA-Dagupan which says: “When the Great Scorer pens your name, it is not whether you win or lose, but in how you played the game.”

We, your mama and this your humbled father, are proud of you, Nanoy.

*          *          *          *

We thank profusely Mayor Belen Fernandez for her fast action on our advocacy on the propagation of the official flower of the city – Rosal.

Per studies our sweet-scented Rosal has qualities that include health and wellness and medicine, food and diet (ok raw as salad, and, of course, its sweet, sweet scent.

Malayo ang Sampaguita, we heard.

*          *          *          *          *

The mayor made clear her point during the Children’s Summit, with vice presidential bet Leni Robredo and senatorial candidate Jericho Petilla present about her advocacies for integrating history into our educational curriculum and making a go for our local history as part of the educational curriculum.

We also commend Mayor Belen and the local DepEd for the ordinance creating the Dagupan City History, Culture and Arts Commission – a great first hereabouts.

We expect the SB to come up with penalties versus those who desecrate our arts and culture, or we only have a paper commission.

The mayor means business.

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