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Jun Velasco

By Jun Velasco


LOOK at the kaleidoscope of candidates vying for various positions.

It’s exciting as well as ludicrous!

Such towering statures like Cezar Quiambao who is running for Bayambang mayor and Chavit Singson, a former governor and congressman who is running for councilor of Narvacan.

It’s for this reason that we pause to look into their motivations.

In the case of CTQ, many believe he was forced by the size and depth of corruption that has lately bedeviled his beloved town.

Everyone in Bayambang knows him as “kingmaker,” who is content with merely watching his boys and girls – do their work probably with him as “consultant.”

But this time, CTQ is on the forefront of action. He is running against the wife (Zenaida Camacho) of the man (Mayor Ricardo Camacho) he had backed to the hilt, especially with campaign money when he last ran.

News accounts reaching us show CTQ in court pointing an accusing finger against Camacho as having dipped his hands into the cookie jar.

In former Governor Singson’s case, he is not even running for mayor or vice mayor, but plain councilor. His running may just be only a game, fun, a past time.

But for a man with such stature he should not be begrudged for doing so. He is a political demigod in Ilocos Sur. Probably he just wants to test his popularity in his new town. He does not even need the salary thereof.

Fact is, he might even be spending more, doling out moolah left and right for the heck of it, because he is one man who’d not mind throwing cash left and right and not feel guilty about it.

Orly Guirao says they are about to dredge the Abra River passing thru Narvacan. Chances are, says Orly, there are precious – multi-billion dollar worth! – mineral properties out there!

In that case, Chavit’s running has a solid base.

*          *          *          *

Up to now, many believe that former Speaker Joe de Venecia should have been the best president of the country,

His grasp and articulation on governance and people empowerment are thorough and comprehensive.

This view shared by one of the night’s honorees, educator Tita Hamada, surfaced anew when he addressed The Capitol Post’s 2nd Anniversary last Thursday.

We could only mumble “mahirap na kalaban ang popular movie actor” (we were referring to Erap Estrada) who beat JDV by almost 8 million votes.

“But Gloria Arroyo beat Fernando Poe, Jr., who was more popular than Erap,” came Tita’s retort.

We said, “but look at what happened to Gloria!”

*          *          *          *

We admire Mayor Belen Fernandez’s equanimity.

When the honoree’s plaque was presented to her by Mita, this columnist and her critic Ruel Camba, Belen was warm and friendly.

We hope Belen sustains that cool, friendly attitude.

*          *          *          *

We were asked about FVR’s secret of power and super-health.

No, we are not his personal confidant.

But we are a student of great personages’ staying power.

We said “it must be FVR’s utter casualness, homespun wit, his natural-ness, his humor.”

He was at Robinsons Place in Calasiao last Sunday to inaugurate the local office of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Guests present were Mrs. Ming Ramos, former Senator Leticia Shahani, Vice Governor Ferdie Calimlim, Rep. Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas, former Board Member Ranjit Shahani, and Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay, if he should be listed as a guest.

FVR gave the impression he was at home throughout the proceedings.

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