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Basista’s mayoral impasse

Jun Velasco

By Jun Velasco


Democracy is beautiful in theory: in practice it is a fallacy.” — Benito Mussolini

FORMER Local Government Secretary and former President Fidel V. Ramos’ braintrust Rafael Alunan was in Pangasinan Thursday and Friday.

He was Governor Amado Espino’s guest. The duo is FVR loyalists. It was former PNP Director Art Lomibao who tipped us about Sec. Alunan’s visit.

A candidate for the senate, he will undoubtedly be an asset, if elected, in that august body.

Expect more candidates to show up. The province is vote-rich.

*          *          *          *

The elections are almost here. But the debates on the qualifications and disqualifications of two leading presidential candidates have not been satisfactorily resolved.

Even the use of smartmatic and PCOS machines to fast track the vote-count is a subject of acrimonious wranglings.

Because of the fluid situation, there are talks of a no-el and worse, civil war.

We don’t want to dignify those sinister scenarios. We can calm down the populace with a convincing system to uphold transparency in the polls.

We hope President Aquino who has done well, what with his consistent high ratings!, will do everything to sustain his credibility.

*          *          *          *

One of the black marks the administration has to resolve fast and dramatically is the ongoing mayoral impasse in Basista.

Based on official records, Jocelyn O. Perez who landed second in a 3-way mayoral election with 70 votes away from the winner, Manolito de Leon, was successful in her election protest on the ground that Mayor De Leon was an American citizen when he ran for mayor.

The Comelec en banc and the Supreme Court have upheld Perez’s victory. But in this country that’s teeming with smart Alecks, there would always be legal maneuvers to delay the triumph of the Rule of Law.

Perez who just discovered her “Texas blood” won’t back down. She is backed by thousands of Basista folk who still believe in the Rule of Law.

Joy’s legal strategist is hubby Lito, son of the late and former Mayor Jesus Perez.

*          *          *          *

We received a report that the Dagupan mayoral election campaign is getting exciting.

An informant says the arrival of Ms. Celia Lim, wife of former Mayor and Congressman Benjie Lim, and her son, re-electionist Vice Mayor Brian Lim at the well-attended Barangay Nite at the City Plaza was met with warm and rousing applause.

The scene was witnessed by former Speaker Joe de Venecia, wife Rep. Gina, son congressional bet Toff, former Mayor Al Fernandez, Mayor Belen Fernandez, majority of the city officials and thousands of Dagupenos and visitors.     

Highlight of the event happened the following day… when a city high alumni association official visited Robert Erfe-Mejia, a fellow DCNHS alumnus and leader of the Bossings’ Band, to inform that his combo was not to perform during the occasion.

Robert could only shake his head, smiling, recalling faintly that he proudly escorted Manang Celia and Brian Lim handgladding Dagupan’s barangay leaders the night before.

Ok lang,” says Robert, the favorite of city highers when it comes to playing the music of the 60’s and 70’s, thinking the Bossings’ contract with the alumni night committee was already paid.

Gonguna yo,” he said to himself.

When asked about our view on the incident, we said, “that’s life.”

But the inquisitive guy hastened to correct us, “no, that’s Dagupan politics.”

*          *          *          *

New Year balita:

“2016,” according to a De Venecia kin, Dr. Roland Mejia, the most forward-looking Region 1 Medical Center director, “will see the rise in Dagupan of an 11-story building” along Arellano St.

A veritable tourist attraction, the building will showcase R1MC’s leadership in health care.

Right now, R1MC is briskly constructing a new 5-story medical building even as it has opened the President Corazon Aquino Center, a kidney center; a Dr. Francisco Q. Duque Jr. building, and a modern drug rehab center ironically situated in police-tagged drug-infested Barangay Bonuan Binloc.

At the flag ceremony on Monday, Dr. Roland revealed another plan to develop a complex at the back of the hospital, “if negotiation with the lot owner will prosper.”

We call Roland the “new infra czar.”

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