Playing with Fire

Rosal in our eyes and nose!

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


AT a meeting with Mayor Belen Fernandez last Wednesday, some interesting subjects came up.

One – the propagation of the sweet-scented flower Rosal.

Don’t look now, but Rosal is our official flower in Dagupan City.

No, not Sampaguita as commonly believed; even nationally, it’s not our national flower.

In the province, the national flower is Santan.

But our Rosal is the sweetest scented flower, according to experts.

Mayor Belen is in favor of involving our public and private schools to propagate the flower. It’s ideal for lei for welcoming visitors and dignitaries.

Now, Ed Quinto, better add this to your research: Rosal has medicinal attributes, parang sedative, cleansing agent. It could be a health drink, just like Ginseng Tea.

If pursued to its logical end, can you imagine the city bursting with white, sweet smelling and yet therapeutic flowers! Pang-tourism, ano po?

Mayor Belen, what are we waiting for?

This Rosal talk, by the way, was a sidebar to our main agenda, which was the integration of Dagupan’s history into our school curriculum.

All systems go na pala. The modules are ready, to be presented at the children’s summit in Tuesday.

Ok, we’ve told there’d be a lot of formal requirements in submitting this proposed component of our school curriculum.

But knowing Sec. Armin Luistro, we don’t think there’s a problem.

The mayor promised to visit Sec. Luistro on this soon. Please, do so, Mayor, it’s a legacy you can impart to Dagupenos.

Our Dagupan City Culture and the Art Commission has started moving on the matter.

The DCCAC, by the way, is already an office of the city.   Make a visit and be part of shaping the city’s history.

*          *          *          *

On the presidential race, no one among the pretenders has stated his/her stand against contractualization in the job market.

What is contractualization?

It’s a mechanism invented by employers to escape paying taxes; all they do is get a job applicant to sign a work-contract even without following basic or standard laws.

Duterte wants this abolished. Maybe Seneres agrees, too, but all the other presidential pretenders are avoiding the issue.

Do you think Roxas would agree? Impossible, what with his Araneta Empire!

Do you think Grace Poe would agree? Not for sure! She is the candidate of the Ayalas!

Binay? Hmm.. you know him better! Just look at the many malls in Makati City but have made him a billionaire!

Wala rin!

Only Duterte stands for the people.

Please support and back fully the best candidate for president – Rody Duterte.

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