Playing with Fire

Election blues

Gonz Duque

By Atty. Gonzalo Duque


THE nation is teetering on an explosive season, with the national and local elections just around the corner. It’s barely four months away.

Dakkel laray ag makaogip, mga abay.

We know some of them who resort to drinking alcoholic drinks to dull their nerves. Some take sleeping pills.

Ay, nakakaawa sila, mga pares.

We want to remind our friends in the Administration to please take things easy. They tend to behave like they don’t care anymore what will happen to the country so long as they win in the elections.

Take a look at what they are doing to Jocelyn “Joy” Perez, who just won her election protest against “ousted” Mayor Manolito de Leon, a candidate of the Liberal Party.

This government refuses to seat Perez as the duly elected mayor of Basista town, even she has won in the Comelec en banc which was later upheld by the Supreme Court.

What else pa kaya ang gagawin ng Administration to keep their political foes immobilized or powerless.

May araw din sila!

As we wrote this, the followers of Joy Perez were staging a rally in front of the municipal hall to apply pressure on the Comelec to implement its ruling.

*          *          *          *

In the recent column of Philippine Star’s Carmen Pedrosa, we got a fright of our life over the so-called PCOS machines, which is a sinister invention to ensure the electoral victory of candidates of the administration’s choice.

At this point, let us heed this forecast: our friend Rody Duterte would make it to the presidential race with 41% votes, with Mindanao giving him some 60% votes.

How will they block the inevitable?

*          *          *          *

In another subject, the proposed bill to reimpose the death penalty against drug lords is gaining ground.

What, apply it only to foreign drug lords?

Wala yan! They are not stupid to engage in drugs without using Filipino dummies.

Kung mag isip–isip tayo mga kaibigan, not too far from home, we know that some cops are on the take.

Just follow this paper’s trail. We have our informers with unimpeachable credentials who will spill the beans later or sooner.

Just keep watch – but be vigilant, too!

*          *          *          *

This disqualification sword of Damocles — an invention of the administration – is spoiling our faith in democracy. Why?

Because they – or some sinister forces – would want to disqualify candidates who are popular but a threat to their wrong-doings.

No, not in Grace Poe’s case, kasi it’s clear that she violated the law on her residency question.

But in Mayor Duterte’s case, Malabo ang tira nila…. all because our pal is very popular and who means to put in jail certain bright people who are loved by the majority.

Man alwar tayo.

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