Playing with Fire

That chair fall is a wake up call

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque

HAPPY New Year to all!

*          *          *          *

At the close of the year, 2015, just past, we did a lot of reflection on our life.

Senior citizen na tayo e. We can’t say for sure what really would happen to us.

While viewing flashes of scenes in our life, we saw the good and the not-so-good. We shuddered at some.

Hindi naman tayo perfect e.

Yes, we know we’ve hurt some, we’re sorry. We, too, were hurt by some, our answer is – forget it.

We’ve learned to forgive and forget.

We did some BIR work – balancing our life’s assets and liabilities.

Ok naman ang ganyan sa buhay natin.

We can only say thank you, Lord, for finding new friends, for reconciling with enemies. Talaga naman ganyan ang buhay e, dib a?

No, we won’t give justifications or rationalizations. We just accept humbly the truth. It’s the surest road to health and peace of mind.

Bury the hatchet…. that’s it.

We won’t forget. Iisa lang buhay natin. Let’s make the most, the best of it.

Hmmm..marami pa ang nagte-text sa atin. Why were we hospitalized for almost one week at Cardinal Santos?

Ok, briefly, babalikan natin yong unintended fall, that freak accident from Ermin Garcia’s monoblock chair.. Why should we get mad, even Ermin suffered a freak accident, too.

But there was something good in it. He brought us to the hospital. While there, nakapag muni-muni tayo. And physically, health-wise, it forced us to undergo a general/executive check up.

Now – we are more confident. We can face life with optimism.

As for our LNU – we’ve had great things done! Thank you, thank you, all.

The feats – they showed we have the energy, the winning – plus – what it takes to win and be on top.

So – how do we go about it all?

Thank you, Lord, for everything.

*          *          *          *

NOTES: We want to down a beer or two with our neighbors Jun V, Al M, of course, Ermin, Jess G, and, oh, the yummy ladies as we say goodbye to the year that was!

We want to take their attention to the fact that the world we are in now – is not as it used to be, what with global warming, nuclear threats, and other frightening threats!

We want to sing with them the popular “If we hold on together…” as we grapple with the toughening challenges of life.

We say again – it’s been a good year… a very good year… in spite of the odds – and yes, the drugs!!! —bahala na si Digong diyan!

And all!

Happy New Year to all!

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