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By Jun Velasco


“He that does good to another, does good also to himself, not only in the consequences, but in the very act.”– SENECA

EDITORS of the Manila papers must have seen the danger of Mother Earth teetering on “catastrophe” while glued on the world leaders’ Paris Global Warming summit.

Some of their local counterparts are picking up the warning, but succeeding only with a ripple.

We cite Aksyon Radyo commentator Nap Arenas for deploring gas emissions from the coal-fired plant hereabouts.

But the trouble is, as Mayor Bing Arcinue would put it, can we bear the consequences of a coal ban? Our nights would be without light, our rooms hot, no ref, no-nothing almost.

The Paris summit must have tackled the implications of a complete coal ban. Unthinkable! It is a case of “damn if you do, and damn if you don’t.”

There really ought to be a world contingency that won’t throw the world into a spin when everyone moves to ban coal fuel completely.

Under U.N. President Ban Moon, we issue a grand call to all the geniuses of the scientific community to band together and save the world.

*          *          *          *

For some time now, our local Chinese- friends must be confused on what to say about the Philippine outrage against Chinese bullying of our Philippine sovereignty brought about by nasty incidents at the Philippine Sea by the Chinese.

This must be most pronounced in our Dagupan City which has been ruled by mayors of Chinese descent – Belen Fernandez and Benjie Lim.

Let’s not forget that our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, had Chinese blood.

Ditto with our President P-noy although he uses the Co Juang Co surname less these days.

We have friends who have developed anti Chinese feeling in complete disregard of the fact that we and the Chinese are brothers and sisters. What we ought to do, in our humble view, is to deal with the West Philippine Sea in an objective manner and avoid playing up sweeping assaults on the anyone’s race.

We are all brothers and sisters of Asian stocks.

*          *          *          *

Why is this column head the substitution by journalist –artist Christopher “Toff” P. de Venecia of his congressman mother, Manay Gina, ushers in an exciting odyssey of Pangasinan’s Fourth District politics en route to higher levels of Philippine politics?

From now on, pundits will watch Chris development and rise in the firmament as a stalwart of Pangasinan and Philippine politics. Chris who is only 29 has immense talent.

From his interviews with Pangasinan broadcasters, Chris showed determination to succeed. Under his parents’ tutelage, Chris is on smooth sailing.

Just like erpat JDV, the jet-setter world leader; communicator par excellence, Chris is assured of a niche in the pantheon of Filipino leaders in the near future.

*          *          *          *

Instead of casting denigration like what cynics heap on politicians, this corner has nothing but awe and respect for public-oriented men and women.

Their balancing skills are simply admirable, combining self and the public interests with aplomb, the energy, the “gall,” sometimes the lies that pass on as white lies, By jove, it In   and getting away with it takes some genius to do so.

Entering politics was our boyhood dream. We were elected in such and such organizations during our student days in high school and college. Even as a journalist, we were elected in such and such.

But the rules of the game have changed. It’s now like advertising a position in an auction center.

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