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RAM blitz for Mar starts


By Jun Velasco

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,” Proverbs 1:7

THE Paris communiqué is a total warning no inhabitants of the planet can afford to ignore.

Our misgiving is that it has taken our world leaders too long to hammer out a multi-polar agreement to fight gas emission or killer pollution.

The attitude is similar to our everyday vice: manana habit, which we unthinkingly attribute to the siesta-loving Spaniards.

Spain, you know, ruled us for 300 years. It is impossible to peel off what we took from them, the Spaniards.

But it’s not only the Spaniards and Filipinos who are fond of the manana. The whole humankind seems at the receiving end of this mantra which loves “to do tomorrow what it can do today.”

But is that it? Was it that manana habit has done us in?

We don’t think it’s all of it.

We think it’s more of our enslavement to the billionaire oil managers, those who run our industries without regard to the killer-emissions like coal.

Even our world government leaders who know the deadly effects of coal are helpless in blocking its use.  Many have found some alternate solution to pollution such as the universal H2O or our plain water as a logical substitute.

But the idea will be shot down because the rule-makers – those who have the billions of dollars – won’t budge. They will push for the status quo in favor of millions or billions of cash going to their pockets.  It is this – the love or lust for money – plus the prosperity to postpone the action on what we firmly believe to be the solution to our problem  — that’s writing finis to mankind.

Our leaders are now meeting to save whatever can still be saved. Pray that they would succeed.

*            *           *           *

Outside Grace Poe, the most logical favorite presidential bet of Pangasinan is P-noy’s man, Sec. Mar Roxas.

It should have been Gonz’ best Pal Digong Duterte until that faux pas of treating Vatican and the Catholic priests rudely. Pundits say Digong is still within striking distance.         

Given his raw language, he may not have intended those low blows, but Bishop Soc Villegas and immediate predecessor Bishop Oscar Cruz gave the fast talking presidentiable a good downgrade.

These developments have pushed to the front the old rematch of vice president Jojo Binay and Mar Roxas, with Miriam Santiago as the Third Force.

In Dagupan, there’s a neatly organized machinery formed by veteran political organizer Ope Reyna and Manning Roy to lure volunteers for Mar.

Ope, we heard, is rallying thousands to complement Guv’ Espino’s beachhead for Mar. This is not to say though that the Binay Camp under the skippership of Mayor Sammy Rosario and the APO fraternity are sleeping.  Jojo is a master of deep penetration like a political earthworm.

Through the kaleidoscopic haze and maze of politics, the RAM blitz for Mar deserves watching, although Ope is biting his nails, Mayor Belen Fernandez, main plank of the campaign in Dagupan isn’t working hard enough.

Well, the election is 6 months away, and the December 10 deadline for finalizing the slates is still a week away.

*            *           *           *

Almost unheralded from the public view is the provincial government’s herbal garden under the care of Ms. Blanca Montemayor at the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist Dalisay Moya.

A quick visit turned out to be a enlightening briefing by Ms. Montemayor on herbal plants, ten of which have been recently ok’d by the Dept. of Health.

It will surely be worth your while to visit it.  Find out if those herbs under the care of the province are those you see in your backyard.  They can save lives and be source of money.

*            *           *           *

TIDBITS: Congrats, Chief Chris Abrahano for the series of arrests of drug pushers/users in Dagupan.  Let’s hope his actions belie rumors that law enforcers are lawbreakers…. The local election in Bayambang has moved to the 2nd highest position, between Mayor Ric Camacho who is running for vice mayor and Councilor Raul Sabangan.  

Stradcom Chair Cezar Quiambao is predicted to trounce his three rivals Zenaida Camacho, Leo de Vera and Chato Junio….

Vice Mayor Bogs Resuello who is gunning for mayor in San Carlos City laments the negative propaganda against him and brod Mayor Ayoy, who is running for vice mayor.  Bogs’ opponent is Atty. Wilhelm “Beebong” Soriano, a worthy opponent.  

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