Playing with Fire

Forgiveness: the best Christmas/ New Year message

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


We start with forgiveness.

It’s the only way to feel good with ourselves and those we must have hurt.

We forgive those we have unknowingly or (even knowingly) hurt… with all the sincerity we can master.

It’s the best way, according to our spiritual advisers.

And by coincidence, we feel good if we forgive – and especially if we forget.

Try it. Very effective.

*          *          *          *

Agaymet lay kapalaran nen Grace Poe awa?

Natalo na sa dalawang divisions ng Comelec. Ngayon pupunta na sa Supreme Court.

Mark our word. Sad, sad, sad….

We really wish her to win. Kababayan natin iyan.

Idolo po natin si FPJ.

But we couldn’t see how she’d win.

*          *          *          *

Ha??? We’re afraid of Grace Poe for Rody Duterte?

No, sir! Oh, yes, na- dip ang survey ni Duterte, but that’s for the moment. Babalik ang lawin in a few days.

His Christmas message for criminals is to make a turnaround to be good or else … has gon viral.

According to our God-daughter the provocative (in sexy-ness; not in politics) Mocha Uson, daughter of one of our best pals, the late judge Oscar Uson, 10 million viewers in social media have followed the popularity of Duterte.

Yes, it’s all there in Fb, You-tube, Twitter… our friend Rody Duterte has zoomed with millions of fans.

Thank you, Mocha!

*          *          *          *

Rody’s “magbago na kayo” Christmas message to criminals has won millions of endorsements.

We restate twitter’s edge over SWS and Pulse Asia because hindi bayaran ‘yon eh.

Sa totoo lang, sino ba talaga ang karapat-dapat na mamuno? Sino ba ang kumakasa talaga, sino ang lumalaban?

The drug trade is eating up our strength and vitality as a nation.

Who has the bravado, the guts, the grim determination to fight it?

Ag tipala mantitilaan as the late Ager Rosario would say “Marami dyan ang mga hypocrites na kunyari kontra-droga – including judges, fiscals, politicians; panay istora lang. Deep inside they are “on the take.”

*          *          *          *

We remember what we said here some two years back.

In Japan, there are some 7 million Catholics, and 7 million practice their religion.

In the Philippines, we have 70 million Catholics, but only 7 million practice their faith.

*          *          *          *

Our neighbors told us many missed us in Dagupan the past few days.

Here’s why?

During the Punch Christmas Party on December 19, we lost our balance while enjoying Ermin’s yummy food preparation.

Down we went, ouch, ouch, ouch….

The next day we were confined at Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan. (We heard our own publisher Ermin lost his balance in his own chair, too.

The twin events earned a pun from Jun Velasco, who suggested to rename his column, “The Uneasy Chair.”

*          *          *          *

Back to good ol’ Dagupan.

It surely would be the grand season of the Four F’s: fun, food, fiesta and frolic.

Control your appetite guys and gals. Mas maraming namamatay sa overeating, kaysa sa under eating, right, nutrition doctor Cathy?

Dagupan politics?

You’ll have a fiery dose beginning next issue in January.

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