Playing with Fire

It’s criminality and drugs, stupid!

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


WALA na talaga!

They — critics, detractors, hypocrites mostly — have been destroying our man, Rody Duterte, to block his presidential destiny.

But para silang bolan manpoktal!

Hmm… our bet continues to zoom upward.

Ala na… nagsalita na ang taong bayan, unstoppable ang panalo.

We don’t know what the antis will do next to stop him.

We hope and pray cooler heads will not allow things to blow up. In the name of democracy, Filipinos should respect and honor the people’s clamor.

May magagawa ba ang Smartmatic-Pcos? Aywan lang.

We recall the famous debates between Bill Clinton and George Bush.

After everything had been said, Clinton blurted, “it’s the economy, stupid!”

In Duterte’s case, our people have gotten tired of all these “Daang Matuwid” slogans — mga baluktot naman ang mga nangyayari.

Duterte would say, “it’s criminality and drugs, stupid!”

*          *          *          *

We at LNU are, you said it, in festive mood!

We couldn’t be prouder with the transformation of our coach son Nanoy of the LNU Dukes into a mature and moral coach of the champs!

At this juncture, we felicitate PJ Samson, commissioner of the Universities and Colleges Athletic Association of Pangasinan par excellence!

Why the accolade? Kasi he is a stand out among the rest some of whom are critics of the envious variety.

This columnist has been with UCAAP, so we know what we are talking about, right? PJ is the best! Very professional. This must be why more teams are transferring to UCAAP.

Btw, Joe Lipa, commissioner of the Philippine Championship League, off-the-cuff described our championship trophy as world-class. Dapat lang, di ba?

Yes, we are festive! Our Dukes has joined the select and elite Sweet 16 circle … now a part of the country’s best teams.

How did Nanoy take all these triumphs? He just exclaimed “in Jesus name!”

We thank our sponsors Gov. Spines, former Cong Mark Cojuangco and Engr. Sendong So, Jasper Ong, Upang, and Mayor Belen Fernandez.

*          *          *          *

We just mentioned Mayor Belen.

That much speculated withdrawal of Councilor Alfie Fernandez as Belen’s vice mayor speaks volumes, but we’d settle with the visible: Alfie’s erpat former Mayor Al remains on the side of Mayor Belen.

Al is with Clark Development Authority, who is expected to be supportive of fellow LP, Mayor Belen.

And so, what’s the political set-up in Dagupan?

Belen F is now teamed with Brgy. Chairman Brian Kua. On the other side are Manang Celia Lim and son, re-electionist Brian Lim.

Seems to us Brian Lim is taking it easy on Dagupan politics. His heart is in bagging the world JCI presidency.

Good luck to all of you!

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