Playing with Fire

Duterte’s priority: saving a nation


By Gonzalo Duque

THE week was bristling with hot news including the social media.

At the receiving end is our friend presidential candidate Rody Duterte.

The brickbats hurled are on his alleged bad-mouthing the Pope due to an exasperating traffic inconvenience during his visit in the Philippines.

Kayo naman, common sense will tell you, those cuss words were mere expressions coming from irritation. He did not mean a bad thing..

But since he is a candidate, he had to be blown apart in smithereens.

What’s encouraging is our man has apologized for the mis-fired missiles.  His entire family also expressed their apology.

These are times when we should separate the chaff from the grain, so to speak..

Kasi kung pag-aaralan natin ang tunay na context, hindi naman nambabastos si friend.

Maybe he was just engaging in street humor.  But there’s wisdom for his words. He speaks the truth today’s language.

We think that’s better than using sugar-coated words that prolong the country’s slumbering status.

May mga natuwa. Marami. Hindi lang nila sinasabi pero alam ng karamihan. It’s only our Rody Duterte who has the guts.…

Ang relevant ay ang kanyang advocacy: Federalism and stoppage to criminality, illegal drugs, hypocrisy,  etc….

Who among our leaders have the track record and the determination to put an end to the drugs problem…. to criminality?

Kung magulo ang Pinas, can you talk of progress?  Can you talk of the  future? Can you talk of plans and programs?

Iyan nga mga mahal nating mambabasa ang rason kung bakit natin dapat mahalin si Rody Duterte.

*            *           *           *

In another forum we stated that the most exciting development in our country today is the candidacy of a mayor for president.

He may not be to your liking, a few of you anyway because the majority – as shown by the latest Pulse Asia survey – like him to be our next president.

May malaking rason ito.

Our country is sinking in the peace and order index.  Some observers liken the Philippines to Columbia, the center of illegal drugs in the world.

We — this columnist — are fortunate to be so situated because education has a pivotal role in the conquest of the evil forces in the midst.

But, Manong Bebot Villar (behold how he has swept away 100 percent these drugs and scums in our society from his dainty town of Sto. Tomas!) tells us not to lose hope…. for the sake of our children and grandchildren and the future.

You now probably understand our unswerving commitment to the presidency of Duterte. It’s in the record.  What he has done to Davao City —  the  largest in land area – in the world.

It is because for you and our Creator that we are fighting drugs.

Many of us do not even show gratitude to the miracle that brought us life. It’s God’s work.  We are God’s creation.

In this sense, those who work zealously to sustain peace and normalcy are God’s faithful wards.

 In spite of his brash language, Duterte – the killer of criminals (so be it) is the gentlest of angels.  Rody Duterte keeps our homes safe from harmful elements, the mandurugas and the drug merchants!

He is the leader our beleaguered nation needs.

Heard of that teenager raping his own grandmother?

Our crime scoreboard is dominated by drug-related cases. Our police authorities confirm this data that those responsible for dastardly and evil killings came from deranged minds.

For a long time, in our local community and in Manila, we have been zealously involved in fighting the drug menace.

Next to education, our foremost advocacy is to rid the country of this malady.

The majority go about their day-to-day lives in a normal way, obeying the laws, conducting their daily routine in accord with our laws so that there’d be order (these laws, by the way, have their origin from God’s Ten Commandments), but there is a sinister group that is increasing by the day threatening to swallow up an entire generation that spoils or reverses our good and noble labors!

Let’s close ranks and wage a massive, collective movement NOW against the enemy.

God will do the rest.

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