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Threats to the nation’s peace


By Hilda Austria
THE ISIS, a religious extremist or terrorist group, recently released a video beheading 21 Egyptian Christians with a threat to shed more blood in the nations of the cross.

Although the interpretation for the term ‘nations of the cross’ used is unclear, whether it was intended for the nations with a cross on their flags or to the Christian nations, our country should prepare for terrorist attacks.

Relating the world events to the incidents that took place in Mindanao, particularly the arrest and death of Marwan, an international terrorist associated with the ISIS that led to the death of the 44 members of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP-SAF), the government should be more cautious in lobbying for the passage of the the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

I agree with the concern of a friend who read the exchange of e-mails years back between Marwan and his brother revealed by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano. Marwan called the jihadis as martyrs, so he represents not only the ideology but an extreme religious belief probably inculcated in him by the ISIS.

Reports indicate that Marwan had students or disciples in the country suspected to be members of MILF, considering the number of years he stayed in the Philippine territory, teaching them not only how to make bombs and more..

I am told Islam extremists like ISIS consider Muslim-dominated areas as a ‘place of peace’ while the areas of non-believers are ‘places of war’, where jihad continues until everyone converts to Islam. Now, I wonder if this peace process is just a front to a bigger picture or plan.

Although these may all be speculations, I fear that our national government is so obsessed with attaining peace in Mindanao, neglecting in the process the bigger threats (China and ISIS) to the peace enjoyed by the majority of Filipinos.

Some folks from Mindanao I interviewed through the internet are against BBL because they do not trust the MILF. How can there be peace if the silent majority are threatened by a law that could lead to more chaos. I think the death of the Fallen 44 was God’s way of warning our leaders on the path they are blindly taking.

Instead of spending the billions in taxes paid by taxpayers in an uncertain peace process, our leaders should invest on training, intelligence and tactics, weaponry and lifting the morale of our policemen and soldiers.

As the saying goes, “In times of peace prepare for war”.

For us civilians, we can learn from our Muslim brothers on their dedication to prayer, because prayer is also a powerful weapon. Its power comes from God, whose Sovereign hand controls everything.

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