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My New Year’s Resolution


By Hilda Austria


LOOKING back, last December was probably the saddest Christmas season I had so far. I got pharyngitis and my mother was hospitalized due to dengue (thank God she is well now) while some persons close to me also fell ill. But, it was the death of a mother on Christmas day that affected me most.

She was a mother of four and a grandmother, other than that I really didn’t know her. We crossed each other’s paths occasionally and mingled on few occasions, that was it. The family was poor. What struck me was how one of her children viewed her death.

“She died because of extreme happiness,” was how she described her mother’s demise.

On Christmas eve, her family’s “balikbayan” uncle invited them to celebrate Christmas with them. Her mother was ecstatic when she saw all the food set on the table, because it was their first time to partake of so much for Noche Buena. Her mother became even more excited when she was asked to be their caretaker of the house. (It meant they could have access to the facilities in the house since they only stay in an extended part of the house that does not even have a comfort room). Her mother even looked forward to being able to sing when she saw the videoke in the house. “She even asked me to buy a property in that subdivision once I finally finished with my studies,” the daughter said.

But before the night was over, her mother complained about not feeling well. They rushed her to the hospital but she died even before they reached the hospital.

I felt I had to share this story because it was what made me decide on what could be a new year’s resolution for many. At least for me.

The untimely loss of loved-ones is probably God’s way of strengthening our love for one another, to learn to be more compassionate towards our fellow human beings. Those among us who have welcomed 2015, privileged to have everyone in the family in good health should, therefore, remember to praise God for His grace towards us as we cherish these moments.

Amidst the loneliness the last year’s events brought upon me, I decided to hold on to the promise He said in His Word, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11.

Let us be grateful for everything always, 2015 may or may not be a good year but we can be sure that God has already prepared the events for this year. So, my new year’s resolution is to entrust my year to Him. This will be my annual new year’s resolution.

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