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The drug menace

Johanne R. Macob

By Johanne Macob

NEXT to poverty, illegal drug trafficking is a major problem in the country today, so said our Governor. No argument to that..

Illegal drugs are evil substances that directly and indirectly cause the commission of heinous crimes. Shabu addiction leads users to become sex fiends, making them aggressive and restless. Marijuana, on the other hand, induces euphoria, depression, hallucination, excitement, becoming sex fiend, lethargy, and psychosis.

Perhaps, we, all, at one time or another, have come to know some people who have been victims of criminals influenced by shabu and marijuana. We are reading more reports of children and women raped and killed by criminals who used drugs.

This is our sad reality.


In Pangasinan alone, the provincial police reports that despite the intensified operations against trading of marijuana and shabu, the supply has never diminished and there are still 500 drug personalities being watched. The silver lining in these is seeing the provincial government finally gearing itself for a major war against illegal drugs made possible by the improved working relationship among the provincial government, the provincial board, and the provincial police.

On November 10, 2014, the provincial board ratified a resolution authored by Board Member and Liga ng mga Barangay (LNB) provincial president Amado ‘Pogi’ Espino III calling for the organization and or reactivation of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) in all 1,333 villages in the province. This was followed a month after by an anti-illegal drugs summit that gathered different sectors, resulting further in a concerted effort to fight druglords and pushers which is why I ‘d like to believe that buy-bust operation that led to the arrest of a Bayambang cop is an isolated case.

This is the fight of every one.

Between the provincial government, the law enforcement sector, and BADACs, I know we can win the war. We’ll have a better chance if you join, as well, by simply not doing drugs, influencing others to the same, and reporting those who do otherwise. Our Governor, the greatest governor the province ever had, swore to do his best. One town is already drug-free, so it’s not impossible to make the whole province drug-free, too. Yes, we can.

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