Playing with Fire

‘Hindi baluktot na daan’ pushed

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


MERRY Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy birthday, former Speaker Joe de Venecia Jr. on December 26.

Best wishes to new wedding couple, Dr. Marco S. Duque and Dr. Helki Filart also on December 26.

Talagang maliket tan magayagan Pasko tan Balon Taon!

*          *          *          *

Hmmp!!! Panay sorbetes na naman ang ibinibigay sa atin!

Kung sabagay festive ang okasyon. Pista diyan, pista dito, pista everywhere! Pistay Dagupan nga sa Dec. 26! Papaano yan, Jun V, pupunta tayo sa birthday ni Manong Joe at kasal ni Marko?

Basta huag nating kalimutan ang diwa at tunay na mensahe ng kapanganakan ng ating Savior at Redeemer, Jesus Christ—ang kanyang pagdating to save and redeem mankind.

Kaya kayong mayayaman, bawas bawasan ang ostentation at pagmamalabis. Christmas is for the poor, the shepherds, the children.

Keep the celebration simple, folks!

Is it coincidental that because it’s festive, nagdagsaan ang sorbetes? We mean, surveys?

Well, they may be well-meaning.

As of this writing, Vice President Jojo Binay is still on top of the presidential surveys, but closely following him is greenhorn Senator Grace Poe, followed by Erap, Miriam, with Mar Roxas almost a tail ender.

Ok naman ang mga presidentiables, kanya-kanyang abilidad at assets!

Binay: competent, charming…but the exposes on his involvement in graft and corruption cases ay nagpapababa ng kanyang ratings lately.

Grace Poe: competent, charming, honest, but inexperienced.

Erap: passé na.

Miriam: Honest, charming, over competent. But lacks physical fitness!

Roxas: competent, honest, fit physically but not charming especially in the company of Korina Sanchez.

Are they our only presidential bets? Ok, choose your wild, folks. Choose the lesser evil na lang. that’s we are in this country naman e. We choose not the better bet, but the lesser evil. Saklap!

Aha, wait a minute! We almost forgot Mayor Rody Duterte. Honest, competent, effective.

Our friend Rene Concordia just told us Duterte was received in the Bicol region like a superstar. He has become popular because of the dearth of good candidates.

When Duterte and FVR swapped jackets in Davao City recently, everybody warmly applauded.

What’s good is he is a strong advocate of federalism, an idea whose time has come for this country.

Ok, readers? Take your pick. Matira ang matibay!

*          *          *          *

President P-noy is lucky.

When almost everything is going awry, the price of oil is suddenly going down. This has a multiplier effect. Prices of most commodities will surely go down.

And know what? P-noy’s Daang Matuwid is creating an impact on governance.

What Justice Secretary Leila de Lima exposed on the New Bilibid Prison—although, we agree it’s just the tip of the iceberg—has shaken our government institutions and oh yes, the consciences of our politicians or lack or absence of conscience.

Marami pa ang babagsak dyan, mark our word. Kaya applaud P-noy’s Matuwid na Daan government.

*          *          *          *

Now, take a sharp, suspicious look at this. No, we are not saying these gentlemen, kasi walang ladies, all members of the Dagupan City Council are cooking something at the Pedrito’s late afternoon 3 days ago.

Who were there?

Aha? Alfie Fernandez, Jigs Seen, Joey Tamayo, Marvin Fabia, Lino Fernandez, who else?

What were they doing there?

Ay, oo nga, we greeted each other as friends, not fiends ha?

Kasi after that scene, we suddenly remembered that ill-fated evening we, together with Ashok Vasandani and son Nanoy, chanced upon then Mayor Benjie Lim with some councilors at Fortune Restaurant.

Benjie was then with some councilors Chito Samson, Jess Canto, Karlos Reyna, Dada Reyna. At that time, Benjie asked us rather in a left-handed manner, “sino ka ba?”

We heard they were talking about the MC Adore sale which became most controversial if not questionable.

At the time Ashok who was placating Nanoy about Benjie’s arrogant air that piqued the boy muttered “that remark by Benjie will cause his downfall.”


Back to the councilors at Pedritos. We wish to remind them that that kind of huddle could be a bringer of good news or bad news… depending on their objectives or schemes.

Our fraternal advice.

Gawin nyo lang ang tama which you can look back to with pride and share with your kids later.

Learn from P-noy’s Daang Hindi Baluktot!

And we may add, what matters is not what you do not do rightly, but the end game!

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